‘Walking Dead’: Jeffrey Dean Morgan, three others, promoted to series regulars

07.07.16 1 year ago

Mmm. Fresh meat.

The zombies on The Walking Dead will have some new targets to potentially nosh on as four actors have been upped to series regulars for next season.

THR.com is reporting that Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Austin Amelio, Xander Berkeley and Tom Payne will be full-time for Season 7 of the AMC program. Each had small roles at various points during this past year.

As a refresher, Morgan is back as the evil Negan; Amelio returns as Dwight, one of Negan”s crew; Berkeley is Gregory, leader of the Hilltop Colony; Payne plays Jesus, an ally of Rick.

Now that you”ve got all this straight, you just need to hang tight until the highly-rated series returns later this year. While the network has yet to announce a premiere date, it”s expected the new season of The Walking Dead will get going in October, as it has for each of the first six seasons.

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