Wallflowers to reunite in 2012, according to Jakob Dylan

11.01.11 6 years ago 2 Comments

Jakob Dylan plans to reunite with his band The Wallflowers for their first album since 2005″s “Rebel, Sweetheart.”

Dylan, who”s currently touring behind his fine 2010 T-Bone Burnett produced set, “Women and Country,” told Rolling Stone that he and the reunited Wallflowers will start work on the new set in January and that the six-year hiatus was unintentional because, well, time goes by a lot faster when you get older.

“I never suggested we were breaking up. We all felt we were losing the plot a bit and we needed a break. And that year break becomes two years, then becomes three years and before you know it, five or six years go by pretty quickly. I can”t do what I do in the Wallflowers without them. I miss them.”

He”s already been writing new material to take into the 2012 reunion and he describes it as closer to what he”s been writing for his solo albums than for previous Wallflower sets. “But I will make my best attempt to meld the two.”

The passage of time has brought about a new gratitude for what the “One Highlight” band means to him. “Having gone away from it for a while, I’ve got a greater appreciation for how great it is to be in a band – how hard it is to get a sound and an established name. It’s not a trick easily done. I don’t know how bands do it today. It seems to be a lot harder. We have a great history, and we’ve done some great things, and there’s tremendous things we can still do.

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