Watch: Feist unleashes ‘Bittersweet Melodies,’ going back to the future

04.09.12 5 years ago

Feist tapped into the photographic work of Argentinian artist Irina Werning for an effective music video for “Bittersweet Melodies.”

Old photos of the solo subjects are placed side-by-side with new photos, with the same poses, clothes and setting. And of course there’s a dog. Of course. It’s entertaining, then funny, then pensive as the viewer him/herself begins to muse what their own photo would look like. Bittersweet.

The song is from Feist’s most recent album, “Metals.”

The pop-loving songwriter also notably teamed recently with metal band Mastodon for that Record Store Day split record. Well, now there’s cover art to prove it, below. Featured is a black tongue (since Feist is taking on their “Black Tongue”) as well as Brent Hinds’ recognizable hairline tattoo. It looks as weird as it may sound.

Record Store Day is April 21.



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