Watch: Foo Fighters ‘Fall Down’ in video for ‘Walk’

06.02.11 6 years ago

All Dave Grohl needs is to trade in his guitar case for a brief case and his hippie hair for a crew cut and his transformation would be complete in the video for the Foo Fighters’ “Walk,” which is a dead-on homage to  the 1993 Michael Douglas movie “Falling Down.”

In fact, the opening is an almost shot-for-shot recreation of the opening of the Joel Schumacher-directed film.  We wouldn”t even call it a spoof of the movie, although the video definitely adds some humor such as using Slim Jims and other food stuffs as opposed to a bat to attack the convenience store clerk and a hilarious “Fries With That” hat at the fast food store.  Plus, there”s the added delight of his band mates playing the main aggrevators as Grohl”s character”s spirals out of control.

Of course, rock and roll is all the salvation Grohl needs. He joins his bandmates in the secret Foo Fighters warehouse and everything gets better, for a teeny bit, until the coppers show up.  The final scene is vintage Foos.

While we”re at it, the Foos have consistently come up with some of the most entertaining and inventive videos throughout their 15-year career, whether it’s the clip for  “Learning To Fly,” “Long Road To Ruin” or  “White Limo.”  Grohl is always game. This is one more to add to their great videos reel.

While we”re at it, we”d like to put in a plug for “Falling Down.”  Some critics love it, some hate it (I loved it every time I’ve watching it, which is a lot), but it is Douglas at his absolute best as a man who goes over the edge as issues, big and small, mount. It”s a brilliant character study and a commentary on how close we all are, no matter how “normal” we may seem,  to “falling down” into an abyss at any moment.

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