Watch: Nicki MInaj’s ‘Va Va Voom’ video is a fairytale with no sound magic

10.30.12 5 years ago

As evident on the original release of “Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded,” Nicki Minaj can’t help but to oscillate between trash-talking raps and pure, saccharine pop music for her singles, her sides and, apparently, her personalities. For the upcoming “Re-Up” of “Roman,” the bonus tracks have been taking turns batting, starting with heady and bratty “The Boys” featuring Cassie, and now with this new cavity “Va Va Voom.”

Of course, Minaj can’t help but to play the villain sometime in this fairytale-driven narrative, but for the most part is the Queens-bred artist mugging in a variety of false lashes, with her penchant bright colors swimming all around her. I literally laughed out loud when when a dastardly Robin Hood darkens her doorway as she bakes sweets in a cottage (not making this up) and as she idles alongside a unicorn in a creek (still not making this up).

The song doesn’t have the adherent tape that “Super Bass” did, or the energy, but — wouldn’t it be fun to just be Minaj’s clothes closet for a day?

“Va Va Voom” is the second single from ridiculously titled “Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded – The Re-Up,” which is out on Nov. 19. Minaj will be stage center again on Nov. 4, as her E! special “Nicki Minaj: My Truth” airs.

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