Watch: OK Go contort into funny shapes for ‘All Is Not Lost’ video

07.27.11 6 years ago

I”m convinced that in the years to come, college courses will be taught on OK Go”s innovation. It”s not just their videos -although those are the most obvious example- but the group”s use of technology, interaction with their fans, and their ability to reinvent themselves are non-paralleled. Now that they are on their own following their split with EMI last year, the only constraints are time and money and they seem to have found ways to work around both.

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Now, for their “All Is Not Lost” video, which debuted on the New York Times website today,  the quartet has teamed with modern dance company Pilobolus to flex and bend their bodies into all kinds of neat shapes and spell out words like “Love.” Plus, you have to be pretty confident in your masculinity to pull off these green body suits. My favorite video is still the “White Knuckes” with the dogs, followed by “This Too Shall Pass,” which is the incredible, single-shot, Rube Goldberg video. Of course, I”ll always remain partial to the “Here It Goes Again,” known as the “treadmill” video since that”s the one that really put OK Go on the map.

Plus, remember how we mentioned the innovation part? While this video is perfectly fun as we’ve attached it below, there is also an interactive version. The band paired with Google to use the latest technology using HTML5 Chrome. If you choose to watch that way, the viewer can type in a message in a variety of languages and that message will get incorporated into the video. Pretty cool, huh? 

There is also a 3D version, available exclusively through Nintendo 3DS. An “All Is Not Lost” EP will be available starting Aug. 9, and will include the version here, which is from the latest studio album, “Of the Blue Colour of the Sky,” as well as some remixes, a live version, and the HD non-interactive version of the video.

OK Go’s Damiam Kulash told the NY Times that having  Pilobolus work on an OK Go video amounted to “asking a superchef to make green beans,” but we think they’ve cooked up something great.

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