Watch: The Shins release new videos for ‘Bait and Switch’ and Funny Or Die

03.02.12 6 years ago

The Shins” video for “Bait And Switch” opens as if it”s going to be a take-off on “Twilight,” full of tall, green trees and a chyron that puts the setting squarely in the Pacific Northwest– in Portland,  Ore., specifically.

Instead of werewolves and vamps, we get James Mercer and the rest of his Shins crew in a cabin that is amazingly well-appointed with guitars to die for.  The song, from March 20″s “Port Of Morrow” is about a “simple man” whose love tears everything apart.

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While there”s nothing funny about the lyrics or the video for “Bait and Switch,”  The Shins” Funny or Die clip, “Clapping Butter,” is definitely giggle-worthy.

 The band is in the studio in an effort to find the perfect sound and each is worser than worse,  although the producer loves it. Then Mercer comes in to add  a clap (complete with a script for his clap) and he is a complete failure until… he gets a little assistance from some Clapping Butter. The sound effects as he sticks his hand into the goo is enough to make you shudder. 

Don”t tune out until you hear the final “Clapping Butter” theme song. Words to the wise.


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