Watch: Web-slinging action galore in new 4-minute ‘Amazing Spider-Man’ preview

05.15.12 6 years ago

Columbia Pictures

Marvel’s still flying high with “The Avengers” ($50 jillion-kabillion and counting), but Columbia Pictures doesn’t want moviegoers to forget about their upcoming reboot of another beloved Marvel Comics creation,”The Amazing Spider-Man.”

A new Web-only preview of the film (basically an extended version of the latest trailer) highlights some of the film’s high-flying, web-slinging action.

New York City traffic gets more backed up than usual when The Lizard (Rhys Ifans) wreaks havoc on a bridge. Peter Parker (Andrew Garfield) arrives on the scene, and soon Spidey swings into action, saving a little boy, and readily removing his mask. After the big action sneak peek, much of the rest of the preview has been seen before, with no new narrative revelations.

Watch the preview here:

Likewise, there’s nothing new for Gwen Stacy (Emma Stone) or her cop dad (Denis Leary) to do. Still, it should give you a good idea of the rather cartoon-like action employed by director Marc Webb (“500 Days of Summer”).

There’s also a quick gag about Parker participating in high school sports (will Flash Thompson appear?), indicating we may get to see more of Parker’s daily life than in Sam Raimi’s previous “Spider-Man” series.

“The Amazing Spider-Man” opens in 3D and 2D on July 3.

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