Firewall & Iceberg Show, episode 8

Senior Television Writer
03.18.14 24 Comments

So remember that time last week when Dan and I were able to record an entire Firewall & Iceberg show in the same room? Well, we had so much fun that I extended my stay in LA indefinitely to record another one! Or else we just changed shirts and recorded another one only minutes later! Or some other solution to the mystery that is us!

Whenever it was recorded, Dan and I review the CW’s “The 100” and HBO’s “Doll & Em,” tease the new season of “Game of Thrones,” and answer questions on a variety of subjects, including the current state of “Parks and Recreation.”

The rundown:

0:00-5:12 Doll & Em
5:12- 9:53 The 100
11:10- 21:20– Viewer Mail
22:37– 33:00- Game of Thrones

As always, you can send us questions at There’s also now a YouTube channel where you can subscribe to all upcoming Firewall & Iceberg videos, at

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