‘The Good Guys’ – ‘The Broken Door Theory’: You make me sick

Senior Television Writer
06.15.10 30 Comments


In its two episodes post-pilot, it seems like “The Good Guys” has stopped trying to straddle the action/comedy line and is going more for straight-up comedy. Bradley Whitford’s Texas accent is thicker, his character seems even more unstuck in time (and/or a complete imbecile on obvious subjects like computers), and here he spent the whole episode either puking his guts out or on the verge of doing so.

I know I said in my initial review that I bought Whitford more as an ’80s cop parody than as the genuine article, but I think last night’s episode probably pushed things too far in that direction. For those of you still watching, what do you think? Did you find “The Broken Door Theory” too goofy, just goofy enough, or would you rather the show keep going more for yuks?

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