What did everybody think of Priyanka Chopra in the ‘Quantico’ premiere?

09.27.15 2 years ago 61 Comments


I have to admit I found “Quantico” much more interesting as a business case study than as a bit of filmed entertainment.

The show is “Grey's Academy,” or “How to Get Away with Terror,” or whatever other joke you want to make about trying to apply the Shonda Rhimes formula to the FBI and the world of counter-terrorism, only doing it without either Shonda or one of her proteges. The show's ridiculous, trying to contrast the sexytime hijinks of the academy with the smoking crater of a New York landmark creates a stunning and utterly distracting sense of tonal whiplash, and unlike “How to Get Away with Murder,” there's no Viola Davis walking in every 5-10 minutes to blow the doors off and make you ignore the stupidity until she leaves.

There is, however, Priyanka Chopra, an enormous star in Bollywood who's a virtual unknown here in the States. I'm not sure there's a precedent for this; even when, say, a British actor hits it big here, they're never as famous in the UK as Chopra is in India. Will what exists of her audience in America be tuning in tonight? And will they like what they see? She definitely gets the Meredith Grey first among equals treatment, but it's not a great showcase role for her in this pilot, at least; you can understand exactly why she's a megastar while feeling like Josh Safran and company could be using her much better.

For those who tuned in, what did you think? Were you wowed by Chopra, or any of her attractive co-stars? Are you excited about the mystery of which trainee is a traitor, or turned off by the 9/11 echoes of the whole thing? And will you watch again?

Have at it. Again, I'm more curious to see tomorrow's mornings ratings info than I am to see next week's episode.

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