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Executives At ‘Today’ Called Their Plan To Fire Ann Curry ‘Operation Bambi’

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In an excerpt from his new book, Brian Stelter says the plan NBC and "Today" executives hatched to fire Ann Curry was called "Operation Bambi."

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Matt Lauer Prefers To Not Be Photographed Holding Knifes, And Other Bits From NY Mag’s ‘Today Show’ Story

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To put it mildly: the set of the 'Today Show' sounds like something out of a Shakespeare play, with lies and betrayal lurking around every corner.

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NBC Takes Another Crap On Ann Curry (And The Morning Links)

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How did NBC screw over Ann Curry this time, plus highlights from around the web.

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‘Today’ Show Will Combat Its Post Ann Curry Ratings-Slide By Featuring More Ann Curry

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After firing Ann Curry, the 'Today' Show ratings went into a tailspin. How do they fix it? More Ann Curry, of course!

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Channing Tatum Led A Grinding Flash Mob On 'Today'

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Channing Tatum -- <a href="">YA BOY!</a> -- appeared on "Today" this morning, and he and about a zillion dancers took part in a gyrating flash mob to promote his groundbreaking new film Magic Mike.


Ann Curry Made An Understandable Boo-Boo

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Bill Clinton and Mindy Kaling were on "The Today Show" this morning to talk about holiday books, and during their discussion Ann Curry made one of the more embarrassing slips of the tongue you can imagine.

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Chris Brown Is A Maddening Enigma

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Serious question: How the hell is Chris Brown still so enormously popular.


Ann Curry to Replace Meredith Vieira

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Meredith Vieira announced her departure from "The Today Show" this morning, leaving Matt Lauer to co-host the nation's top morning show with Ann "Good Morning Good Morning" Curry.

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