UPROXX Interview: Judy Greer On ‘Married,’ ‘Archer,’ ‘Arrested Development,’ And Being Bad At Karaoke

By | 28 Comments

We got to interview the delightful Judy Greer recently. We discussed "Married," "Archer," "Arrested Development" and lots of other stuff.


Here Are 5 Undeniable Reasons Everyone Should Love Judy Greer

By | 15 Comments

Judy Greer is currently in the middle of a whirlwind of importance. And you should love her. Here's why.


Now Is The Time To Watch The ‘Arrested Development’ Cast Drop F-Bombs In The Season 3 Blooper Reel

By | 2 Comments

If you've never watched the cast drop gratuitous f-bombs while flubbing takes before, now is the time.

#arrested development

Watch Joel McHale Parody Jerry Seinfeld With His Own ‘Comedians In Cars Getting Cocaine’

By | 8 Comments

Do you like 'Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee' with Jerry Seinfeld? Well, Joel McHale throws a curveball with 'Comedians In Cars Getting Cocaine.'

#arrested development

Please Enjoy This Supercut Of The Best Ever Television Catchphrases

By | 10 Comments

Tastefully Offensive put together this supercut featuring some of the most famous catchphrases in television history.


A Tribute To The ‘Arrested Development’ Chicken Dance, Because Today Is National Chicken Dance Day

By | 7 Comments

Behold, a brief tribute to the only show that matters and/or ever prominently featured a chicken dance.


In Defense Of Zac Efron: We’ve Rounded Up Some Of Television’s Worst Neighbors

By | 20 Comments

With the release of 'Neighbors', we thought it would be an appropriate time to reflect back upon some of television's worst neighbors.

#arrested development

Mitch Hurtwitz Is Bringing A New Series To Netflix Via An Exclusive Multi-Year Deal

By | 3 Comments

'Arrested Development' genius Mitch Hurwitz signed an exclusive deal with Netflix, which is great news for fans and never nudes everywhere.


Tony Hale Talks The Future Of ‘Arrested Development’ And Being At The Mercy Of Mitch Hurwitz

By | 9 Comments

Tony Hale is riding high with his Emmy award winning role on 'Veep,' but he's never too busy to talk some Buster Bluth and 'Arrested Development.'

#arrested development

Here Are Ten ‘Veep’ Clips That Prove Gary Walsh Really Is Buster Bluth’s Long Lost Twin Brother


Let's get excited for Season Three of 'Veep' with Gary Walsh's Buster Bluthiest moments!

#arrested development

Has Anyone Ever Even Seen These 'Arrested Development' References In 'Frozen'?

By | 13 Comments

Someone who worked on Disney's "Frozen" sure loves "Arrested Development."

#arrested development

Toyfair 2014: The Newest Funko Pop Vinyls

By | 2 Comments

The Funko booth at the 2014 Toy Fair revealed a ton of new Funko Pop Vinyl toys you'll want to put on your wish list.

#arrested development

Here Are 25 Pop Culture Valentines To Amuse Even Grumpy Cat


These 25 funny valentines celebrate the upcoming holiday with plenty of music, movie, and TV references for the discerning Grumpy Cat in your life.

#arrested development

Check Out Peter Capaldi’s Costume For ‘Doctor Who’ And The Memes It Inspired

By | 6 Comments

The BBC released the first look at Peter Capaldi as the Twelfth Doctor in 'Doctor Who', and Tumblr unleashed the memes.


Just How Gorgeous Was Jessica Walter Of ‘Archer’ And ‘Arrested Development’ Back In The Day?

By | 36 Comments

A look back at the early career of Jessica Walter, who plays Mallory Knox on 'Archer' and Lucille Bluth on 'Arrested Development.'

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