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Check Out The Incredible Stained Glass Movie Posters Of Designers ‘Von Orton’

By | 7 Comments

Italian designers and twin brothers Von Orton have created this incredible series of stained glass movie posters for some of our favorite 80s hits.

beards of burgundy

What Would Ron Burgundy Look Like With Other Famous Facial Hair Styles?

By | 3 Comments

Ron Burgundy's mustache might be the most important part of him. But what would he look like with other famous types of facial hair?


Is Someone Really Going To Pay $110,000 For George Zimmerman’s Painting?

By | 19 Comments

With three days left on the eBay auction, bidding for George Zimmerman's first piece of art is already up to more than $110,000.


Meet The Artist Who’s Hilariously Putting His Own Face Over Local Real Estate Agents’ Bench Ads


Phil Jones has spent the last month recreating/defacing the bench ads of local realtors.


Our Favorite Movies Inspired The Best Art Of ‘Crazy 4 Cult 7′ At Gallery 1988


Gallery 1988 is now hosting 'Crazy 4 Cult 7', their seventh annual show highlighting artworks based on beloved movies. We've collected our favorites here.


Wrestling Is Art: Ryan Leary’s Chalk And Charcoal WWE Portraits Are Pretty Great

By | 13 Comments

Artist Ryan Leary put together a gallery of WWE chalk and charcoal portraits (of Daniel Bryan, CM Punk and more) and you should check them out in real life.


Richard Grieco Would Like To Sell You A Bottle He Painted For $1800

By | 27 Comments

Remember Richard Grieco? Of course you do! Well, he's an artist now and he's got some art he'd like to sell you.


First Look: The ‘Archer’ Season 5 Poster Art Is Here And It’s Glorious

By | 64 Comments

I swear I have something for this. But for now just check out the full poster in all its glory.


Check Out The X-Pistols, An Artistic Mashup Of Punk Rock X-Men

By | 7 Comments

We've seen dictators mashed up with super villains, new wave mashed up with the Justice League and now punk rock is mashing with The X-Men.


Hey Look! It’s 8 Rejected Thanksgiving Day Parade Balloons!

By | 11 Comments

If parade officials really wanted to go topical, they would use the ideas I sent them. Sadly, they were all rejected.

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The Artist Who Made The White Family Portraits For ‘Breaking Bad’ Had No Idea They Were On TV

By | 9 Comments

Everything you've ever wanted to know about the portraits of the White family that hung in their hallway on "Breaking Bad."


The Women Of ‘Game Of Thrones’ Get The Art Nouveau Illustrations They Deserve

By | 15 Comments

The women of 'Game of Thrones' are getting their due in this gorgeous art by Elin Jonsson, made in the iconic Art Nouveau style of Alphonse Mucha.


Superheroes Get The Classic Art Treatment In Worth 1000′s ‘Superhero ModRen’

By | 3 Comments

We've collected our favorites from 'Superhero ModRen', Worth 1000's long-running contest in which members photoshop superheroes into iconic art works.


32 Horrible Facts That Will Make You Hate Every QB


QBs are still human. Therefore, QBs still do horrible things. Horrible, scummy, terrible things.


Epic Rap Battle: Bob Ross vs. Pablo Picasso


Bob Ross and Pablo Picasso engage in a rap battle for the ages.


What If Superheroes Had Part Time Jobs? This Adorable Art Has The Answer.

By | 5 Comments

Chow Hon Lam's funny "Part Time Jobs" series imagines what would happen if superheroes had part time jobs suited to their special powers.


Meet The Russian Performance Artist Who Nailed His Testicles To A Cobblestone Street In Protest

By | 7 Comments

Pyotr Pavlensky took his protest act to a new, ballsack-nailed-to-the-ground extreme over the weekend.

By Request

‘Jim’ll Paint It’ Brings Requests To Life With The Artistic Lunacy The Internet Demands


'Jim'll Paint It' is the Tumblr home to insane artistic requests completed only through the use of MS Paint and a truckload of imagination.


$1.35 Billion In Art Stolen By The Nazis During WWII Has Been Found In A Crappy German Apartment

By | 9 Comments

$1.35 billion worth of art the Nazis had stolen has just been found. Yes, "billion" with a B.

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