Big Rec + Diamond D – “Bullseye” Video

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Someone should inform Big Rec and Diamond D they're doing this rap thing all wrong.

SXSW 2012

5 Artists You Missed At SXSW While Waiting In Line To See Rick Ross

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Last year, <a href="">we told you to expect things to be different</a> at SXSW going forward, but we didn't know it would look like this.

We Got Now

Big Rec Feat. Playboy Tre & Tom P – “Sumthin 2 Say”

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<a href=""> Everybody has had the wind knocked out of them in minor sports scuffles or random acts of clumsiness. Now imagine getting your oxygen belted from your lungs with a lead pole dipped in cryogenic temperatures. Yeah, the latest audio pamphlet from Stone Mountain, GA's Big Rec hits you just like that. Strong-armed early by Playboy Tre and Tom P, <a href="">Big Reczilla</a> comes through like a rabid pit bull; ravishing for scraps over the fiery instrumental, tearing his nouns and verbs to shreds with every rapid-fire syllable.

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