Watch: Blake Griffin & Kyrie Irving Shine At Team USA Practice Sessions

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In anticipation of what's sure to be a deep run in the Olympics by Team USA Basketball, the fine folks over at <a href="">Hoopmixtape</a> have released a bite-sized highlight real from recent the scrimmages in Las Vegas.


Spoiler: USA Will Kill You With Dunks RAHHHH


That's all well and good, but let's see him try that with a 5-foot-2 Frenchman in his way.


10 Amazing Predictions For This Week In Sports

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Welcome to my day-late weekly predictions that will astound and amaze you, because they're so incredibly tuned into to a psychic frequency that nobody else on this planet could come up with them.


Chris Paul’s Son Does A Great Blake Griffin Impersonation

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A few days ago, "Big Baby" Davis had his daughter <a href="">steal the postgame press conference</a>.


ROFLMNBAO: The 2011-12 Season Awards Edition!

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I took a couple weeks off from doing these here ROFLMNBAO posts for two reasons: 1) because the last two weeks of the season were soooooo boring and B) I forgot.


2012 NBA Playoffs: The Quick Weekend Recap

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A wise man once said: "The NBA Playoffs are a clusterf*ck of storylines.


Kobe’s Advice To Blake Griffin: “I’d Smack The F*** Out Of Somebody”

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Blake Griffin hasn't seen a poster opportunity he didn't like.


Blake Griffin Got Hammered Last Night

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Blake Griffin went to the rack late in last night's game against the Suns, only to be met by a cross-body block from Robin Lopez.


Serge Ibaka Will Rip Off Your Arm For Dunking On Him (And Morning Links)


Be careful, Blake, <a href="" target="_blank">that guy's hands are like the jaws of life</a>.


The Clippers Are Basically The Harlem Globetrotters (And Morning Links)


They should just start throwing buckets of confetti at the Kings.


Blake Griffin Took Pau Gasol’s Lunch Money…Twice!

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"Pau Gasol should be allowed to guard Blake Griffin with mace and a rape whistle.


Presenting 'Magic Johnson: The Gathering'

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The sports world is abuzz with the news that a Magic-Johnson fronted group broke the dang old bank in order to purchase the Dodgers for over $2 billion, which is a figure so absurd that it may as well be written like a comic strip character says cuss words.


ROFLMNBAO: Heading Down The Home Stretch!

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As we head into the 4th quarter of the NBA season, the Chicago Bulls are the first and only team to have clinched a playoff spot so far, which wouldn’t seem like much of an accomplishment, except that Derrick Rose has missed 17 games this season.


NBA 'Has Handle' Twitter Shirts, The Puffy Starter Jacket Of 2012

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Are you an NBA fan who hates watching his favorite player play basketball, but loves reading what he has to say about his day-to-day minutia and hashtag causes on the Internet.


Blake Griffin A Victim Of New Orleans Bounty Program?

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Watching <a href="">Blake Griffin</a> dunk and add your team to highlights is obviously frustrating for NBA players.


Blake Griffin Is Bad At Free Throws

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Last night, Blake Griffin (a professional basketball player)(a person who is paid money to play basketball)(a sport mainly centered around trying to throw a ball into a hoop) went to the free throw line (a line on the floor located only 15 feet from the hoop)(where the player gets to shoot without any interference from defensive players) and shot two consecutive air balls (shots where the ball hits neither the rim nor the backboard).


Taste Blake Griffin's Man Jam


Video analysis: Blake Griffin is awesome at slam dunks.

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