Check Out This (Fake) ‘Fight Club’ Board Game And Read The Opening Of ‘Fight Club 2′

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'Fight Club' is getting a graphic novel sequel, and the opening has been released along with some cool promo art.

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‘Game Of Thrones’ Monopoly Lets Players Finish The Series Before George R.R. Martin Or HBO Ever Will

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Anxious about whether HBO or George R.R. Martin will finish the 'A Song of Ice and Fire' series first? Play Monopoly instead.

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Which Translates Better To Film: Board Games, Or Video Games?

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'Settlers of Catan' is coming to screens... but is that really a good idea? Let's see what Hollywood's track record has to say.

Settlers of Catan

Prepare To Experience The Drama Of Sheep Trading In ‘Settlers Of Catan’ Movie And TV Projects

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The granddaddy of German board games might be headed to both the big and small screens.

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At Least The Green Bay Packers Can Spend The Off Season Playing ‘The Settlers Of Catan’

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Most of the team's starting offense spent the past few months honing their board game skills.


Treat Yourself To The Good Christian Version Of ‘Cards Against Humanity’

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'A Game For Good Christians' is a version of 'Cards Against Humanity' that tries to keep all the fun intact while adding in Bible passages.

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Did You Forget That Vanilla Ice Had His Own Terrible Board Game?


Nas, The Roots, and Jimmy Fallon all stand in awe at the 'Vanilla Ice Electronic Rap Game' with electronic beat box.


The Only Thing Scary About The New ‘Ouija’ Trailer Is That This Movie Was Made

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The second trailer for the Michael Bay-produced 'Ouija' reveals the same stale scares from the first trailer, but with more eye rolling.


‘Ouija’ Has A Trailer. Haha, Remember Board Game Movies?

By | 32 Comments

The dead board game movie genre comes back to haunt the living in 'Ouija.'


This Sunday’s ‘The Simpsons’ Couch Gag Is Remarkably Depressing

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This Sunday's couch gag on "The Simpsons" will make you question your life decisions.


WWE Monopoly Is Here And Yes, They Made AJ Lee The Cheapest Property

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WWE Monopoly suddenly exists, and lets you buy WWE superstars in place of property. Just like real wrestling promoters!


Scrabble Is Holding A Contest To Let You Pick A New Word For Its Dictionary

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Fans can nominate words to be considered for Scrabble's dictionary on Hasbro's Facebook page through March 28. Get your votes in for Kwyjibo.


This Rube Goldberg Machine Made From Old Toys Should Put You In The Holiday Spirit


The people at DMI Productions have put together this fantastic Rube Goldberg machine made from classic toys and games for the holidays.


‘Stretch Armstrong’ loses studio backer, death of the toy movie imminent?

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Relativity Media has pulled out of the long-planned Stretch Armstrong movie, their collaboration with Hasbro that was supposed to be coming out in April but never made it to production.


Let’s Riot: Monopoly Is Getting Rid Of Jail Because Of Your Dumb Kids

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Jail has been removed from certain editions of Monopoly for the dumbest of reasons.

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“Guess Who?” Characters Reunite


Jimmy Fallon reunites some famous faces from the classic board game "Guess Who.


Methopoly, Bitches! The Bad Ass ‘Breaking Bad’ Version Of Monopoly

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Methopoly! Now you can be the Heisenberg of your own home. Hydrofluoric Acid sold separately.


Movies Based On Hungry Hungry Hippos, Monopoly, And Action Man Just Got Financed

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Hasbro has signed a deal with Emmett/Furla Films to produce movies based on Hungry Hungry Hippos, Monopoly, and Action Man. So we have parody posters.


Ricky Rubio Gets Three In A Row, Goes For One More

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Minnesota Timberwolves PG Ricky Rubio tore the anterior cruciate ligament in his left knee back in March, causing the onslaught of out-of-nowhere T-Wolves viral videos to slow to a crawl.

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