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Canada’s Boston Pizza Has Brought Us The Pizza Taco And Maybe A Pizza Cake

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Boston Pizza's new 'Pizza Game Changer' ad campaign has created the 'pizza cake,' which may change the food game forever.


ESPN Wants To Steal Renee Young Away From WWE And That Is Not Okay

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ESPN is "very interested" in stealing away WWE's backstage interviewer, delightful Canadian beauty Renee Young. THIS IS NOT OKAY, GUYS.


Toronto Officially Has The Best Fake Political Campaign Signs


A+ work from a team hellbent on no more Rob Ford in Toronto. This is how you get the internet to do your work for you.


Justin Bieber Was Booed Hilariously After Winning The Fan Favorite Award At Canada's Juno Awards

By | 12 Comments

Canada unsurprisingly thinks about as much of its biggest export as the rest of the universe.


Here's An OHL Goalie Trying To 'Get His Vengeance' With A Sick Cheap Shot

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An OHL goalie went rogue and tried to decapitate his opponent with a stick shot to the back of the head, much to the chagrin of some adorable announcers.


Oh Canada, Where Two Hockey Bros Can Fight Each Other And Then High Five

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During a recent NAHL game, Joël Thériault and Gaby Roch tried to decapitate each other with their fists and then hugged it out for sportsmanship.


Canada Is Producing A Sports Drink Beer That Has Almost No Alcohol In It, Because Canada


A Canadian company is developing a so-called recovery ale as a "healthy" alternative to traditional beer with 77 calories and 0.5% ABV. Goddammit Canada.

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Canadian Porn Channels Are Being Reprimanded For Not Showing Enough Canadian Porn

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The CRTC has reprimanded three Canadian porn networks because they don't air the required amount of Canadian-made pornography.


An Elderly Woman Has Waved At School Kids Every Day For Six Years, So They Gave Her A Wonderful Surprise

By | 18 Comments

Students at the Highland Secondary School in British Columbia made an 84-year old woman's Valentine's Day by celebrating her daily kindness with her.

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A Digital Billboard In Illinois Had A Great Suggestion For Justin Bieber’s Fate

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The folks at Command Transportation in Illinois suggested that the loser of tomorrow's gold medal Olympics hockey match has to keep Justin Bieber.


There’s A Beer Fridge In The Olympic Village That Can Only Be Opened By Canadians

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Canadian athletes at the 2014 Winter Olympics have been gifted a beer fridge that only they can open by using their passports.


Justin Bieber Might Actually Get Deported For Real. Here’s How.

By | 11 Comments

And that's why you don't throw eggs at your neighbor.


Canadian Non-Profit Debuts The Country’s First Crack Pipe Vending Machine

By | 6 Comments

The crack pipe vending machine sounds like a bad joke... but it's apparently a real concept that just debuted in Canada.


Porn Actress Heidi Van Horny Will Have Sex With 23 Men On Her 23rd Birthday

By | 49 Comments

To celebrate her 23rd birthday with a 'big princess party,' porn star Heidi Van Horny will have sex with 23 men on camera.


We Enthusiastically Endorse Rob Ford’s Bid For Reelection As Mayor Of Toronto

By | 7 Comments

Rob Ford is once again running for mayor of Toronto. He has our full support.


This Comedian Is Pissed That A Butcher Shop Stole His Joke About Vegans

By | 3 Comments

A butcher shop butchered the act of crediting a joke to the comedian.


With Leather's Watch This: There Was A Fight Between The Canadian And US Women's Hockey Teams


The Team USA and Team Canada women's hockey teams continued their bitter rivalry with another big brawl in Friday's exhibition game.

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A Calgary Man Won A $40 Million Lottery Jackpot And Is Giving It All To Charity

By | 7 Comments

A 64-year old retiree in Calgary is donating his entire $40 million lottery jackpot winnings to cancer research in memory of his wife.

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