Canada’s New Military Rifle Is Straight Out Of A Video Game

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The Canadian military has a rifle of the future, and it was probably designed by James Cameron.


Spend Your Friday The 13th With Jason The Terrible, The ‘Friday The 13th’ Wrestler

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It's Friday the 13th, so there's no better time to celebrate Canadian pro wrestler JASON THE TERRIBLE, the 'Friday the 13th' wrestler.


A Canadian Movie Theater Plans To Offer Special Screenings For People With Autism

By | 31 Comments

A Canadian theater chain is taking a novel approach to attracting families to its screenings.

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A Study Shows That Treadmill Desks Might Make You Smarter And Pay Better Attention At Work

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According to a new Canadian study, test subjects retained more information and were more attentive when working at a treadmill desk.

#Star Trek

Now You Can Own This Sweet ‘Star Trek’ Custom Van Boldly Featuring Topless Women

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Would you like to own a custom van featuring many Star Trek characters and (for some reason) two topless women? Sure ya do, weirdo!

#Viral Videos

This University’s Sexy Recruitment Ad Is Not Going Over Well With Professors

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A Canadian university released a steamy recruitment video, and professors aren't happy.


SmackDown Will Air On Wednesdays In Canada For The Most Canadian Reason Ever

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Starting this week Canada will get SmackDown one day before America. Hoverboards are scheduled for next week.


Hecklers Disrupted Bill Cosby’s Latest Performance With Chants Of ‘We Believe The Women’

By | 27 Comments

A group of hecklers disrupted Bill Cosby's final show in Canada with chants, while supporters of the comedian chanted back.


Bill Cosby To Female Heckler: ‘You Gotta Be Careful Drinking Around Me’

By | 38 Comments

Bill Cosby's comedy tour of Canada took an awkward turn when he decided to handle a heckler with a poorly timed "drinking" joke.


Watch This Screaming Mom Prove To Be The Best By Providing Vocals To Her Son’s Grindcore Band


Grindcore band Corrupted Leaders decided to spice up their latest track by going back a few generations via their frontman's mother.


Take A Look At This Horrendous Driver Attempting To Navigate A Parking Space And Failing Miserably

By | 14 Comments

The title of worst driver in Calgary is no longer up for grabs following the release of this video. What a terrible driver.


Meet The Woman Who Lived With Her Husband’s Rotting Corpse Because She Expected Him To Rise From The Dead

By | 6 Comments

Like a plot from 'The Walking Dead,' this woman sought to pray her rotting husband back to life for over six months.


A Member Of The Hart Family Is Wanted For Sexual Assault And Yes, It’s Teddy

By | 13 Comments

Another day, another wrestler sexual assault story. This time it's Teddy Hart, oldest grandchild of Stu and Helen Hart, wanted in Canada.


Canadian Truck Driver Plows Through Restaurant, Apologizes By Buying Everyone Wings


No one was hurt, but the apologetic (read: Canadian) driver bought a round of wings for everyone for the inconvenience.

#South Park

‘South Park’ Brilliantly Deconstructed Free-To-Play Mobile Games Last Night

By | 14 Comments

This video from last night's episode of South Park ('Freemium Isn't Free') perfectly skewers free-to-play mobile games.


Science Discovers Which Sexual Fantasies Are The Most Common

By | 14 Comments

Just how weird are you? Probably not very, according to SCIENCE!

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