Why is the South awesome? Easy: Warm weather, good food and Dexter McCluster. The first two are easy to understand. However, you may not be privy to Dexter's greatness just yet. Sure, you know him as the former Ole Miss football standout, but you may not know that Dexter is a standout rapper as well. He doesn't stand out for his talent as much as he stands out for being the lone Black person that still Harlem Shakes. Don't believe me? Just check this fantastically awkward and cringeworthy commercial he does for Cellular South where he raps about the ills of texting and driving. At first, I didn't see what the big fuss about texting and driving was. But now I hate anyone that texts and drives. It's because of you that videos like this are made. If you'd have just run over those pedestrians while drunk like the good old days then we wouldn't have this mess. Stray Shots JoJo Levesque – Can’t Take That Away From Me Kev – Reality Music VT Union – The VT Union Is Dead Chase N.