CM Punk Says He’ll Be Living In The Gym For Six Months Before He Fights In The UFC

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CM Punk discussed everything from his entrance music to when he'll fight with the drunk fans at UFC 182's Q&A session.


Shed A Tear At This ‘In Memoriam’ Video For The WWE Future Endeavors Class Of 2014

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WWE lost a lot of talent in 2014, so someone whipped up an 'In Memoriam' video to tribute them all.


CM Punk And Del Rio Drama Has Driven WWE To Make Their Contracts Even More Draconian

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WWE isn't backing off from their shady no-compete clauses any time soon.


Jon Jones Delivers A Scathing, Hot Take On CM Punk

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Jon Jones isn't pleased with the CM Punk signing by the UFC, and he wants Punk to get knocked out for it.


The Best And Baddest UFC And MMA Moments, Fights And Fighters Of 2014


The very best moments, fights and fighters of 2014 in the UFC, mixed martial arts and combat sports.


WWE Is Mad At AJ Lee For Giving The One Decent Speech At This Year’s Slammys

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WWE is mad at AJ Lee for a bunch of stuff they really shouldn't be be mad about.

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Three Years Later, Pour One Out For WWE’s ‘Next Generation’ Championship Class Of 2011

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In December 2011, WWE's future looked bright. Its champions took a team photo together, and it was all downhill from there.


CM Punk Got Heated With OTR’s Michael Landsberg

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TSN's Michael Landsberg got a little condescending with CM Punk on 'Off The Record,' and Punk called him out for his "gimmick."


CM Punk ‘Didn’t Give A F*ck’ About Wrestling The Undertaker At WrestleMania

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CM Punk's media tour continued as he stopped by Opie Radio, saying he 'didn't give a f*ck' about wrestling Undertaker at WrestleMania.


Highly Questionable Asked CM Punk About Pooping, Divas And Sharing Food With Dana White

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WWE star turned MMA newbie CM Punk stopped by Highly Questionable for a pretty terrible interview about poop, Divas and Charles Barkley.


CM Punk Is Headed To Vertigo For His Second Comics Story

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Vertigo has revealed that CM Punk will be contributing to an upcoming anthology in 2015. What does Thor think of all this?


Conor McGregor Thinks CM Punk Is Scared

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'The Notorious' Conor McGregor weighs in on the CM Punk UFC signing situation in typical Conor McGregor fashion.


Nate Diaz Had Some Delightful Things To Say About CM Punk: ‘F*ck Him’

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Nate Diaz doesn't like CM Punk, saying he's making a mockery of MMA and getting paid more than everyone else to do it. Here's his rant.


CM Punk On The Reality Of Fighting In The UFC: ‘There’s A Big Chance I Fall Flat On My Face’

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CM Punk spoke in depth with Rolling Stone and Fox Sports Live about his fighting career with the UFC and the backlash.


Is This CM Punk’s First UFC Opponent?

By | 10 Comments

Someone has already made the claim to be CM Punk's first opponent. Is it true?

WWE 2K15

‘WWE 2K15 In A Nutshell’ Is Your Best Reason Yet To Not Buy WWE 2K15

By | 31 Comments

Haven't played WWE's latest video game yet? Good, let's keep it that way. Here's why you should maybe wait for the next one.


One Former WWE Wrestler Thinks CM Punk Going To UFC Is Totally Fake

By | 21 Comments

A former WWE wrestler thinks CM Punk's UFC career is phony, and a work orchestrated between Punk, UFC and WWE.


Ten Fighters We Want To See CM Punk Square Off With In UFC

By | 21 Comments

Who should CM Punk face for his debut in the UFC? We have some opinions.


Bellator Wants To Sign More Pro Wrestlers And They’re Starting With Alberto Del Rio

By | 20 Comments

UFC signed CM Punk, and now Bellator -- home of Lashley -- wants to sign more pro wrestlers. Their first target? Alberto Del Rio.

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