College GameDay signs

‘I Am Currently Harder Than ND’s Schedule': Your Roundup Of College GameDay Signs From Florida Sate

By | 7 Comments

Here's Your Roundup Of College GameDay Signs From Florida State, including lots of support for Jameis Winston.


Here’s Katy Perry Drinking With Ole Miss Students And Jumping Off Tables Like A Crazy Coed

By | 22 Comments

Katy Perry is having the time of her life at Ole Miss, partying it up with students at a bar.


Katy Perry’s Was One Of The Most Bizarre Appearances In ‘College GameDay’ History

By | 23 Comments

Here's A Supercut Of All The Crazy Things Katy Perry Did on College GameDay.


Are You Ready For Katy Perry On ESPN’s College GameDay This Weekend?

By | 20 Comments

Katy Perry's ready to make us roar on College GameDay at Ole Miss.

College GameDay signs

There Were A Lot of C*ck Jokes On College Game Day From South Carolina

By | 3 Comments

Here's your weekly roundup of College GameDay signs from Columbia, South Carolina.


Here’s A Cringeworthy Vine Of A Fan Hugging ESPN’s Samantha Ponder

By | 6 Comments

Sam Ponder looks real scared of this creepy North Dakota fan.


‘Atleast Oregon Doesn’t Have Detroit': Your Roundup Of College GameDay Signs From Oregon

By | 6 Comments

Here's the best and the worst, your roundup of College GameDay signs from Oregon.


‘Stop Getting Butter On The Heisman': Your Roundup Of The Funniest GameDay Signs From Week 1

By | 2 Comments

Here's the best and worst, the funniest College GameDay signs from Week 1 in Fort Worth, Texas.


Watch Stone Cold Steve Austin Slam Beers On College GameDay

By | 10 Comments

Stone Cold drinking beer with Jim Ross calling it is what dreams are made of.


Want to See ESPN’s Tom Rinaldi Wear Jorts? Of Course You Do.

By | 5 Comments

ESPN's College Gameday is great because of the madness and spontaneity created by the meme-able fan signs, day-drunk co-eds and Lee Corso's blabbering about strategizin' for three hours.

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