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A Brooklyn Man Is Using Craigslist To Find A Woman To Bathe In Ramen Noodles

By | 7 Comments

Looking to make a quick $175? All you have to do is sit in a bathtub full of Ramen noodles for 30 minutes.


‘Unethical Hacks’ Is Hiring A Tuba Player To Follow Rob Ford Around Like On ‘Family Guy’

By | 10 Comments

Taking a page from 'Family Guy,' Unethical Hacks wants a tuba player to follow Toronto mayor Rob Ford around for a day.

craigslist ads

Looking For A Deal On A Guitar? Check Out This 'Wangcaster' On Craigslist

By | 2 Comments

This Craigslist ad for a 'Wangcaster' guitar is perfect for a person looking for a guitar that is anatomically correct.


This Guy Might Be Exaggerating About The Mercedes He Is Selling On Craiglist

By | 6 Comments

A Dallas man's Craigslist ad for his 1987 Mercedes-Benz was so over-the-top that it was flagged, so he came back with an even more outlandish post.


A Houston Man Is Desperately Trying To Trade 3,000 Porn DVDs On Craigslist

By | 4 Comments

If a guy won't accept a pet zebra for the 3,000 porn DVDs he's trying to trade on Craigslist, then what the hell does he want?

craigslist ads

Someone In Brooklyn Is Selling The ‘Lena Dunham Of Couches’ On Craigslist

By | 6 Comments

A person in Brooklyn is selling what he or she calls the 'Lena Dunham of couches' on Craigslist for a pretty sweet deal.


Here’s Your Chance To Attend Harvard And Be Paid $170,000 For It

By | 19 Comments

A mysterious Craigslist ad in Pittsburgh is offering one man the chance to earn $170,000 to attend and graduate from Harvard... as someone else.

craigslist ads

Someone Is Selling A Pair Of Unicorns On Craigslist For The Low Price Of $1.8 Million

By | 2 Comments

A Craiglist ad in New Hampshire is offering a pair of unicorns for the low price of $925,000 each, but there are also unicorn eggs for sale.


Someone Posted A Craigslist Ad Offering A Wedding Ring For Chiefs-Broncos Tickets


In a very vague and random Craigslist post, someone offered a diamond wedding band for tickets to Sunday's Chiefs-Broncos game.

This Craigslist Ad For An ‘Upcycled Ladder Shelving Unit’ May Be The Most Brooklyn Thing Ever

By | 8 Comments

Pretty sure this kind of thing is why people are fleeing Brooklyn. I could be wrong, of course, but it's doubtful.


Check Out The Balls On This Texas Man’s Craigslist Ad For His Jeep Wrangler

By | 100 Comments

A Texas man listed his Jeep Wrangler for sale in a Craigslist ad that might be the best you'll read all year.

craigslist ads

This Girl’s Roommate Ad On Craigslist May Have Raised The Bar For Us All

By | 9 Comments

A San Francisco woman put together one of the more impressive and clever Craigslist ads while looking for a place to live.


Woman Hits Craigslist To Find Her Step-Daughter A Date For The Tennessee-Florida Game

By | 2 Comments

A stepmom posted an ad on Craigslist offering her step-daughter's extra ticket to the Tennessee-Florida game to the right gentleman caller.


A Group Of Male College Students In Vermont Posted A Craigslist Ad Seeking A House MILF

By | 10 Comments

A group of at least 10 male college students at the University of Vermont have caused a stir with their Craigslist ad seeking a "house MILF."


‘Horny InfoWarrior’ Is The Man That Single Women In Minnesota Have Been Waiting For

By | 12 Comments

Well, I don’t normally like to hand out the annual awards until December rolls around, but I think it’s safe to say that, unless anyone in Florida objects, we have found <a href="" target="_blank">our Craigslist Ad of the Year</a>.

craigslist ads

Are You The Drunk, Naked Girl Who Smeared Poop All Over This Craigslist Poster’s Car?

By | 2 Comments

All Craigslist ads should include the sentence, "...but you were also taking a dump and piss on my lawn at the same time." Impressive.


This Florida Craigslist Ad For A Goat Rental Is Very Specific

By | 7 Comments

A man in Florida posted a Craiglist ad for people to rent his goat, but he would prefer that the animal not be penetrated, or you'll lose your deposit.


A Florida Craigslist Ad Offers ‘Custom Time Machine’ For $1,000

By | 13 Comments

A man in Winter Park, Florida posted a Craigslist ad offering a custom time machine for the low, low price of $1,000. And it's definitely not just a bike.

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