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Crooked I – “Minority Report”

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There aren't many things this guy right here loves more than new Crooked I solo songs - especially when they're from 2005.

The iPod Shuffle

The iPod Shuffle – Joe Budden’s “Sober Up”

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When it comes to making music that everyday, common person can relate to, few do it better than Joe Budden.

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Horseshoe Gang – “Chllin’ With My Noccas” (Prod. By Tabu)


With Horseshoe Gang being Crooked I's crew and him raising the bar pretty damn high, you're probably pretty hard on their music.


Crooked I – “The Other Side” (Freestyle)

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"Slaughterhouse ain't go platinum, I'm supposed to jump off of a bridge.


Quiz Feat. Crooked I – “Blow The Horns”

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"N*gga, you see the numbers getting buffer/The exercise I do is called the duffle bag stuffer/Bank account cardio, commas run in place/I guess you could say I'm financially in shape" September 5th is right around the corner and that means Quiz's Dope Kicks, Fresh Hats mixtape is almost here.

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Watch Slaughterhouse Recording “Truth Or Truth”

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Take a behind the scenes look at one of the week's better cuts, Slaughterhouse's <a href="">"Truth Or Truth,"</a> which is 15 minutes of phenomenal MC'ing over Rozay’s “Tears Of Joy.


Slaughterhouse – “Truth Or Truth”

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Some of Slaughterhouse's finest moments have come when they rhyme over other rappers' beats and "Truth or Truth" is the latest on the list.


Slaughterhouse – “See Dead People”

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Just in duration, "See Dead People" is clearly a mixtape track, which probably suits Slaughterhouse best.


Slaughterhouse – “Weight Scale”

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Until their Shady Records debut actually drops (and, in all likelihood, even then), a Slaughterhouse release will fall miles away from the mainstream's attention.

Psalm 82:V6

Crooked I – Psalm 82:v6 Mixtape

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Stepping outside of the Slaughterhouse routine, Crooked I delivers 18 tracks of goodness in the form of his Psalm 82:v6 mixtape.


Crooked I Feat. Twista & K-Young – “F*ck You Pay Me”


<a href="">Crooked I's</a> better as a solo artist.

Psalm 82:6

Crooked I – “Nikki”

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Looks like <a href="">Crooked I</a> is timing his next release quite strategically.


1982 (Statik Selektah & Termanology) Feat. Freddie Gibbs & Crooked I – “Make It Out Alive”

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No one eats up the tale of the underdog like Hip-Hop does, and 1982's "Make It Out Alive" is sure to strike that chord with 99% of the listeners out there.

What's On My iPod

Loosies: Nas & DJ Premier Turn Up The Mic, Game Is Different, Pusha T, Emilio & Slaughterhouse

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When DJ Premier and Nasty Nas are included in the program, the show typically sells out.


The iPod Shuffle – Mr. Tan, Crooked I & B-Legit’s “Way Cool”

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When Dresta's jam with Nate Dogg came up during my list of <a href="">40 Forgotten Features</a> from the 213 crooner, I was happily reminded of another stand-out from Big C-Style's revered <a href="">Straight Outta Cali</a> compilation, which is indeed "Way Cool.

Welcome To Our House

Slaughterhouse – “Monsters In My Head”

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We've all got a few things buried deep inside, yet most of us don't have an outlet to express them properly.

Unreleased Music

Crooked I – “Cocaine Is A Helluva Drug”

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Songs like "Cocaine Is A Helluva Drug" are why I've been claiming <a href="">Crooked</a> as one of my favorite rappers for the past seven years.


Slaughterhouse’s Hot 97 Freestyle Session With Funkmaster Flex

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I still vividly remember when Slaughterhouse came on to Green Lantern's radio show and for 20 minutes proceeded to completely annihilate Hov's "D.

The Kid Daytona

Loosies: Crooked I Rides Diamonds, Kid Daytona Goes Low, Mistah F.A.B., Meek Mill & 2 Chainz


Since most <a href="">Crooked I</a> fans are hyped to hear their favorite microphone destroyer will be releasing another EP called In None We Trust on December 13, the Left Coast Slaughterhouse member let go of this laid-back leak to help tide them over until it drops.

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