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No Video Shows The Pleasures And Pains Of Being A Parent Better Than This One

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Why parenting is the absolute best, but also the total worst.


World’s Coolest Dad Uses Special Effects To Turn His Three-Year-Old Into An Action Movie Star

By | 3 Comments

Every parent thinks of their kid as a tiny hero. But one dad is using his video editing skills to make his three-year-old look like one.


This Father Of The Year Candidate Sacrificed His Child For A Baseball At A Mets Game

By | 6 Comments

A dad at a Spring Training game sacrificed his young child's safety to come up empty-handed on a baseball hit into the outfield grass.


‘Dads’ Season Finale Takes A Pot Shot At ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ In Legitimately Hilarious Scene

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Seth MacFarlane's Fox sitcom, 'Dads' managed to eke out at least one fantastic scene this season, singing about the virtues of alcohol and at AA meeting.


Seth MacFarlane Never Expected The ‘Rage’ Caused By Brian’s Death On ‘Family Guy’

By | 14 Comments

Seth MacFarlane admitted at the Television Critics Association Press Tour that he never expected fans to be outraged over Brian death on 'Family Guy.'


Not-At-All Creepy Plastic Surgeon Uses His Daughters As Living Billboards

By | 17 Comments

"Some people say, 'Isn't it weird that your dad has seen your breasts?' and I say no."


Here’s ‘How To Fight A Baby,’ The Citizen Kane Of Internet Outrage Videos

By | 42 Comments

'How To Fight A Baby' is a video of a guy playing with a happy baby that has the Internet furious, because that's what the Internet does. Rear naked choke!

brooklyn nine-nine

Midseason Shake-Up: Fox Puts ‘The Mindy Project’ And ‘Dads’ On Hiatus

By | 23 Comments

Low ratings for 'The Mindy Project' and 'Dads,' means a schedule changes on Tuesdays for Fox.


Ratings And Renewals: TV's Worst Sitcom Gets Renewed, NBC Thursdays Bomb Without 'Parks And Rec'

By | 36 Comments

Ratings and renewals news about Fox's Tuesday night line-up, NBC's Thursday night line-up, and Netflix's 'House of Cards.'

brenda song

A Visual Recap Of 2013′s Worst New Sitcom, ‘Dads’

By | 59 Comments

So. "Dads" finally premiered. Was it as bad as everyone thought it'd be? (Yes.)


Fox Probably Won’t Re-Shoot The ‘Dads’ Pilot, Despite Pressure From Asian-American Groups

By | 62 Comments

Despite pressure from a prominent Asian American watchdog group, Fox won't re-shoot the controversial "Sexy Asian Schoolgirl" scene in the pilot for "Dads."


Dad Plays Killer One-Armed Drum Cover While Holding Three Kids


You're not a metal dad until you've played the drums with all three of your kids attached to your body.

brenda song

The Pilot For Fox’s ‘Dads’ Sounds All-Time Awful

By | 41 Comments

The pilot for Fox's "Dads," starring Seth Green, sounds like an epic disaster.


Chinese Dad Turns Himself Into a Swing


This dad will stop at nothing to make his little girl happy, even if it means turning himself into a human swing.


Baby Hates Chewbacca


It's safe to say this baby dislikes Chewbacca -- or at least his father's impression of the  famous Wookiee.


Father Rams Son's Car, Then Chases Him on Foot in China


A Chinese man rams his black Mercedes into the side of his son's BMW, and the bizarre dispute doesn't end there: Both men escape the crash on foot and the father procedes to chase his son through the crowded intersection.


“Who’s Yo Daddy?” Rap Battle


Just in time for Father's Day, two proud sons engage in an entertaining rap battle.

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