glitter explosion

This Is What A Glitter Explosion Looks Like

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Someone finally uploaded a video of what one of those glitter bombs looks like when opened.

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Watch This Baby-Holding Dad Impressively Put On His Pants With No Hands

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Could you put on your pants without using hands? Watch this guy do it WHILE HOLDING A BABY.


Stephen Colbert Proves He’s Not Only One Of TV’s Funniest People, He’s One Of The Planet’s Best Dads

By | 12 Comments

Stephen Colbert gives great fatherly advice to teenage girls who are having boy problems.


An Astros Minor Leaguer Hit His First Homer Of The Season And His Dad Caught It


Quad Cities River Bandits first baseman Conrad Gregor was pumped that he hit his first homer, even more that his dad caught it.


Good News: Fox Axed ‘Dads.’ Bad News: ‘Enlisted’ And ‘Surviving Jack,’ Too.

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'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' was the only freshman Fox series to avoid the ax today, as the network canceled three first season shows.

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This Alzheimer’s-Ridden Man Interacting With His Dog Will Make You Feel So Many Feelings

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“My father has Alzheimers. He has lost almost all of his speech. This is what happens when he is with our dog.”


Ranking The 10 Freshman Network Sitcoms Still On The Cancellation Bubble

By | 49 Comments

From 'Mixology' to 'Enlisted, 'the best and worst of the freshman sitcoms still perched precariously on the cancellation bubble.


No Video Shows The Pleasures And Pains Of Being A Parent Better Than This One

By | 7 Comments

Why parenting is the absolute best, but also the total worst.


World’s Coolest Dad Uses Special Effects To Turn His Three-Year-Old Into An Action Movie Star

By | 3 Comments

Every parent thinks of their kid as a tiny hero. But one dad is using his video editing skills to make his three-year-old look like one.


This Father Of The Year Candidate Sacrificed His Child For A Baseball At A Mets Game

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A dad at a Spring Training game sacrificed his young child's safety to come up empty-handed on a baseball hit into the outfield grass.

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‘Dads’ Season Finale Takes A Pot Shot At ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ In Legitimately Hilarious Scene

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Seth MacFarlane's Fox sitcom, 'Dads' managed to eke out at least one fantastic scene this season, singing about the virtues of alcohol and at AA meeting.


Seth MacFarlane Never Expected The ‘Rage’ Caused By Brian’s Death On ‘Family Guy’

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Seth MacFarlane admitted at the Television Critics Association Press Tour that he never expected fans to be outraged over Brian death on 'Family Guy.'

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