Cop: Ronnie Fieg x Asics “Mint Leaf” Gel Lyte III

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Now officially set to release on Friday, July 15th, the "Mint Leaf" Gel Lyte III's will be $120 and dropping at 10AM sharp.


New Balance H710SB

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<a href=""> One of the most frustrating things about winter is wearing the same boots over & over, so I'm all for any boot that's a change of pace. I think I first saw the New Balance H710SB's on the feet of a guy at the gas station. I normally don't talk to anyone I don't know while pumping gas, let alone in the middle of the winter, but I had to know where he got 'em from. Naturally, he got them "in New York" and he said that he was on his way back up there the next day. He offered to scoop me up a pair and we exchanged numbers. When I called a few days later, the female accompanying him at the gas station said that he was in jail and not to call this number again. Needless to say I didn't call back. I also chopped it up as a loss on getting a pair of these & pretty much forgot about they existed until I saw them yesterday. What makes them either better is they're available at the <a href="">David Z. flagship store</a> or via phone order, which makes for a much more reliable transaction than the route I was set to travel initially.


Adidas Top Ten Hi “Mahogany & Sand”


<a href=""> While companies are always looking for ways to innovate, there's a lot to be said for simply sticking with the classics and utilizing proper materials to make the model work. <a href="">adidas</a> uses the approach with these Top Ten Hi's, using a combination of leather, denim and suede.


From Ashy To Definitely Classy…

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Every good superhero should have a well-constructed but dapper pair of winter boots.


Asics Trilogy Project: Nice Kicks x Ronnie Fieg

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Part two of <a href="">the Asics Trilogy Project</a> sees <a href="">Nice Kicks</a> getting their own Gel Lyte III's.


Asics Trilogy Project: CultureShoq x Ronnie Fieg

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Mentioned <a href="">previewed these before</a> but today we get the first full glimpse of the Asics Gel Lyte III created by <a href="">Ronnie Fieg</a> for <a href="">Cultureshoq</a>, the first in the trilogy.


Cop: CultureShoq x Asics x Ronnie Fieg

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Well, you don't have to but I will be.

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