Astro – “Catchin’ Wreck” Video

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The young gunner Astro's back at it again coming through with a visual for "Catchin' Wreck," a track driven by a familiar Biggie sample and the Astronomical Kid's penchant for wit and words.


Astro aka Astronomical Kid – Dead Beats & Lazy Lyrics Mixtape

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To the bewilderment of no long-time visitors to this corner of the web, Astro's a youngin' we've kept tabs on for awhile and will continue to do so until he either goes crazy or ventures into techno.


Astro – “He Fell Off” Video

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"I'm so New York that nobody don't like me/Shout out to Fab" Some might remember the Astro from our first season of X-Factor, here in the US.


Astro – “Methods”

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This kid Astro's captivating my attention for some reason.


Astro – “Deadbeat (Come Bad Boy)”

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Words by JayB XIVILIZATION | @JayB Over a year after all that X-Factor buzz, the young MC Astro is gearin up to make moves with his music.

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