The 10 New Categories The Emmys Should Add For 2014

By | 14 Comments

The Emmy Awards are kind of boring. Let's add 10 new categories for 2014.


Who Will (And Should) Win At The 2013 Emmys

By | 65 Comments

Predicting who will take home awards at the 2013 Emmys, and who actually deserves them.


For Your Consideration: Why Jane Krakowski Deserves An Emmy For 30 Rock’s Jenna Maroney

By | 30 Comments

With the 65th Emmy Awards approaching, here's a reminder of why Jane Krakowski deserves to win for her hilarious portrayal of Jenna Maroney on 30 Rock.


O Boyd, Where Art Thou? 10 Questions We Have About The 2013 Emmy Nominees

By | 82 Comments

The 2013 Emmy nominees were announced this morning. We have lots of questions.


Here Are The 2013 Emmy Nominees

By | 177 Comments

Your full list of 2013 Emmys nominees.


In A Perfect World, These Would Be The 48 Acting Nominees For The 2013 Emmys

By | 106 Comments

If we had our way, here's everyone who'd receive an acting nomination at the 2013 Emmys.


Not Great, Bob!: Great Television Actors in Completely Thankless Roles

By | 50 Comments

The under-appreciated and great television actors upon which others gain their awards recognition.


The 12 Most Intriguing 2013 Emmy Ballot Decisions

By | 79 Comments

Which episodes of "Game of Thrones" and "Breaking Bad" are considered the MOST Emmy-worthy? Take a look.


The Only Louis C.K. At The Emmys Photo You’ll Ever Need

By | 7 Comments

I see no way Louis wasn't humming to himself about sh*tting in Hitler's mouth at this exact moment.


This Supercut Of Walter White Freaking Out Might Sum Up Your Feelings About The Emmys And/Or Life


A helpful video compiles all of Walter White's angry scenes from Breaking Bad. He's mad, bro.


To The Surprise Of No One, Nikki Finke Wrote The Worst Thing About The Emmys

By | 41 Comments

In her Emmys live blog, Deadline awful person Nikki Finke claimed that "beautiful actresses are not funny" because she's an awful person.


Amy Poehler Won The Emmys

By | 25 Comments

From the dress, to the banter with Louis CK while presenting, to the whole acceptance speech bit with Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Amy Poehler won the Emmys.


The 21 Best And Blurst Moments Of The 2012 Emmys

By | 70 Comments

A recap of the 2012 Emmys, highlighting the best and worst moments from the awards ceremony.


UPROXX 2012 Emmy Awards Live Thread

By | 1,367 Comments

It is our duty as influential pop culture commentators to congregate in the comments section and attempt to impress each other with snarky one-liners.


Your GIF Guide To Reacting To Tonight’s Emmys

By | 3 Comments

A collection of GIFs on how to respond to tonight's various scenarios.


Hold Me, Lana: The 2012 Emmy Snub Awards

By | 51 Comments

A complete list of actors, actresses, and television shows that were either snubbed or at least deserved some consideration.

nick offerman

The 2012 Emmys Have Been Announced, And…

By | 111 Comments

The good: "Breaking Bad" and Peter Dinklage. The bad: no "Parks and Recreation." And everything in-between at this year's Emmy Awards.


The 10 Best Emmy Snub Reaction GIFs, All Courtesy Of ‘Parks And Recreation’

By | 3 Comments

Come Thursday morning when superior candidates are passed over for lesser nominees you'll want to share your dismay on the internet. And there is clearly only one way to go about it. That's right, Emmy snub reaction GIFs.


Ranking The 15 Best TV Shows Never Nominated for an Outstanding Comedy or Drama Series Emmy

By | 26 Comments

15 brilliant television shows that have not only never won an Outstanding Series Emmy, they've never even been nominated.

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