An Elementary Teacher Used Do Or Die’s ‘Po Pimp’ For A Homework Assignment And Parents Are Pissed

By | 31 Comments

A Georgia teacher lands in hot water for using "Po Pimp" in a lesson plan.

The Combat Jack Show

Rappers Doing Good: J. Cole Plans To Convert His ‘Forest Hills Drive’ House Into A Home For Single Moms

By | 31 Comments

J. Cole shares his vision of using his childhood home as a rent-free space for single mothers and their children.

#Kanye West

Kanye West And Dame Dash Finally Reunited At The BET Honors Awards

By | 35 Comments

Kanye West and Dame Dash come together at BET's 2015 Honors Awards event.


Listen To Raekwon Tell A Bizarre Story Involving Ol’ Dirty Bastard, Angel Dust And Push-Ups

By | 12 Comments

Raekwon tells a classic Wu-Tang story about smoking angel dust with Ol' Dirty Bastard.


Future Reggae Star Explodes On An Apple Store Employee For Stopping Him From Recording A Music Video

By | 49 Comments

Watch as a man recording a music video in the Apple store gets angry at an employee for interrupting.


The Best Of A$AP Yams’ Tumblr Questions And Answers

By | 34 Comments

Highlighting some of A$AP Yams' best moments on Tumblr.

Sorry 4 The Wait 2

Lil Wayne Announces ‘Sorry 4 The Wait 2′ Release Date

By | 4 Comments

Lil Wayne announces Tuesday release date for Sorry 4 The Wait 2.


Chicago Strip Club Rewarded For Helping Beautify The Neighborhood

By | 5 Comments

Chicago strip club recognized for doing good in the neighborhood.


Tupac Discussed How Jail Humbled Him In This Unreleased 1996 Interview With Jim Belushi

By | 13 Comments

A previously unheard interview with Jim Belushi and Tupac has surfaces.


Versace Goals: Here’s Everything Riff Raff Has Been Up To For The Past Month

By | 16 Comments

From wrestling to prom date, we've tracked Riff Raff's very busy month.


Memphis Man Allegedly Breaks A Three-Year Old’s Leg For Eating His Cheesecake

By | 15 Comments

A Memphis man broke a three-year-old's leg for eating the last slice of cheesecake.


The Tupac Biopic Is One Step Closer To Becoming A Reality

By | 26 Comments

Producer Ronald Emmett discusses the forthcoming Tupac Biopic.


Danny Brown And Hannibal Buress Cruise Bonnaroo In A Golf Cart To Conduct A Golden Interview

By | 7 Comments

Danny Brown and Hannibal Buress ride around Bonnaroo doing one weird but entertaining interview.

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