Raekwon Premieres ‘Only Built 4 Cuban Linx’ Documentary At Sundance

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Raekwon announces a new documentary based on his solo debut album, 'Only Built 4 Cuban Linx.'


Friday Conversation: What Song Would You Use As Your Entrance Music?

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We're letting you choose your own entrance music today. WHATCHA GOT?

ghostface killah

Watch Ghostface Killah Perform At A Grilled Cheese Restaurant Called… Toastface Grillah

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Ghostface Killah performed at an Australian grilled cheese restaurant called Toastface Grillah. Today is a great day.

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Ghostface Killah And Sheek Louch Team Up For ‘Wu Block Biznez’

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Ghostface Killah And Sheek Louch announce their new group, Wu Block, with the song "Wu Block Biznez."

Shawn Wigs

Ghostface Killah – ‘Blood On The Streets’ Ft. AZ x Homicide’ Ft. Nems And Shawn Wigs

By | 2 Comments

Listen to two new songs from Ghostface Killah, "Blood On The Streets" and "Homicide."


Ghostface Killah Ft. AZ – ‘Double Cross’

By | 6 Comments

Listeners get another glimpse of that upcoming "revenge concept album" Ghost is toting.


How Biggie Smalls And Ghostface Killah Squashed Their Beef Right Before The Bad Boy Star’s Death

By | 14 Comments

GFK talks seeing eye-to-eye with B.I.G. only hours before the latter's murder.


Nardwuar Takes Wu-Tang Clan On Surprising Trip Through All 36 Chambers

By | 12 Comments

<em>"This guy knows a lot... You're starting to surprise me, kid."</em>


Whom Does Ghostface Being On ‘Couples Therapy’ Benefit Again?

By | 38 Comments

We ask, because after seeing the Wu-Tang legend get a drink splashed in his face during a teaser for the upcoming season of the VH1 show, we're not sure being a part of the reality TV spectacle was his best move.

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