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Give Yourself Nightmares With The Best Vinesauce Video Game Glitch Videos

By | 4 Comments

The guys at Vinesauce have a knack for turning classic games into hilarious, terrifying acid trips...


‘Grand Theft Auto V’ Has A New Gender/Race/Age Bending Glitch

By | 6 Comments

The Japanese version of 'Grand Theft Auto V' is having some interesting problems...


‘Grand Theft Auto V’ Lets You Destroy Cars By Jumping On Them

By | 2 Comments

A glitch in 'Grand Theft Auto V' lets you divebomb cars out of existence. Seriously.

cartridge tilting

Sesame Street Glitches Are The Most Childhood Destroying Glitches Of All

By | 3 Comments

Someone went and pulled the N64 cartridge tilt trick on a Sesame Street game. The result? Horror...


Glitch Furniture: This Hand-Carved Cabinet Is Surreal, Mind-Blowing

By | 2 Comments

Our minds were blown this morning by a hand-carved storage unit which Nerdcore nicknamed "Glitch Furniture".

corridor digital

Video Game Glitches Are Pretty Terrifying When They Happen In Real Life

By | 2 Comments

The fun video game video makin' dudes from Corridor Digital have done it again...

fifa 12

FIFA '12 Features Hot On-Field Man-Humping. Again.


We've previously told you about <a href="">the secret gay agenda promoted by FIFA '12</a>, but this is much funnier, partially because even after being relentlessly humped by the goalie, this guy still manages to get the ball into the net.


Boogie Down in “Old Republic”, Cancel Attacks


We've been playing "Star Wars: The Old Republic" off and on, mostly because we're trying to pull together enough of a sense of it for a review.


Your Skyrim Lulz of the Day (videos)


I realize that it's probably kind of repetetive to analyze the trailer of a video game that's already been out for several weeks now -and that's pretty much exactly why I won't.


Gay Kiss In FIFA ’12 Is Unintentional, Hilarious


While EA and Microsoft keep pretending <a href="">there's not a massive security flaw in FIFA 2012</a>, even though <a href="">the hacking is still going on</a>, we're pretty sure that won't receive nearly as much coverage as this glitch.


Dead Island Roundup, Starring Jason Voorhees


Techland has announced the release of The Bloodbath Arena pack later this month.


Leaping The Flag On Super Mario World 1-1, White Plumbers Can Jump

By | 9 Comments

These days, it's pretty damn seldom that I report on Nintendo's original Super Mario Bros.


Super Mario Galaxy 2: You Will Believe a Yoshi Can Fly

By | 2 Comments

"Super Mario Galaxy 2" has been out approximately two days, and somebody's already discovered a loophole that makes the game vastly easier.

Rockstar Games

More Awesome Red Dead Redemption Glitches

By | 4 Comments

Last week we came bearing news of <a href="">invisible horses</a> in Red Dead Redemption.

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