Grind Time Presents Killer Mike’s “Big Beast Tour”

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After spending the summer doing separate runs of over 20 cities each with El-P and The GZA, the man behind the album of the year, R.


Pill – “Real Muthaph#%kkin G’s” Video

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<a href=""> As he's on the cusp of releasing his 1140: The Overdose Gangsta Grillz tape with DJ Drama, <a href="">Pill</a> drops a short visual that serves the dual purpose of sparking interest and paying homage to Eazy.


Video: Killer Mike x Pill At SXSW

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<a href="">Motion Family's</a> video would lead you to believe that <a href="">Mike</a> & <a href="">Pill</a> performed together & tore it down @ SXSW.

Sports Sunday Freestyles

Killer Mike’s Introduces Sports Sundays

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I was content without doing another post, cold chillin' for the rest of the evening.

SL Jones


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Leading up to the drop of <a href="">YSL</a>, I've been challenging <a href="">Jonesy</a> to see what he could do over different beats.


S.L. Jones – “Speak & Spell”

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Ever since Mike & Pill formed an online presence, it's been a patient wait for Grind Time's <a href="">S.L. Jones</a> to make his move to set up shop online.


BTS: Freddie Gibbs x Pill’s “Cradle To The Grave” Video

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I get a lot of requests to post behind the scenes footage but normally pass because it's either a bore or pretty much psuedo-hype for a usual letdown.


From Killer To Bigga…

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We told 'em last week that certain <a href="">Rappers Desperately Need A Name Change</a> because they could never be marketed correctly (or taken seriously in some cases) and now ATL's favorite nephew Killer Mike has announced to <a href="">AllHipHop</a> that he will forever be known as Mike Bigga.


NSFW: Freddie Gibbs – “Bussdown”

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Yeah, <a href="">the mixtape</a> is droppin' in less than twenty-four hours and you know we've got you covered.


Video: Killer Mike Discusses Pill’s “Trap Goin’ Ham” Video

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While @ the Heineken Red Star Soul event @ Atlanta's Velvet Room, <a href="">JaneeTMB</a> of <a href="">I Fux Wit It</a> talks with Killer MIke about the controversial <a href="">Pill's "Trap Goin Ham" video</a>.


Freddie Gibbs – “County Bounce”

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Photo By Lucas Zielasko Another one from Gangsta Gibbs' upcoming midwestgangstaboxframecadillacmuzik, which will be hosted by DJ Skee.


Video: Pill Takes You To Pink City


Grind Time's Pill plays tour guide on this trip to his closed down, home stomping grounds, Pink City.


Freddie Gibbs Feat. Pill – “Womb 2 The Tomb”

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In a perfect world, <a href="">Freddie Gibbs</a> & <a href="">Pill</a> would live right next door to each other.


Pill x The New York Times

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There was a time in Hip-Hop when a song like <a href="">Pill's "Trap Goin' Ham"</a> was de rigueur.

Trackstar The DJ

Coming Attractions: Killer Mike’s Anger & Ambition

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Grind Time Official's <a href="">Killer Mike</a> x TSS Crew's <a href="">Trackstar</a>.

SL Jones

Your Weekly Grind Time Update

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Starting things off, we check in on Killer who checks in with <a href="">MTV's Mixtape Daily</a>, telling them why hardcore rap is still alive.

SL Jones

S.L. Jones – “Mind Blowin'”

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New, slow burn material from Grind Time's S.


Pill – “Trap Goin’ Ham” Video

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No green screens or pseudo backdrops; only a chained (but still occupied.


The Trap Will Soon Be Goin’ Ham…

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You were <a href="">forewarned</a>, and now warned again.

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