Grind Time Presents Killer Mike’s “Big Beast Tour”

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After spending the summer doing separate runs of over 20 cities each with El-P and The GZA, the man behind the album of the year, R.


Pill – “Real Muthaph#%kkin G’s” Video

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As he's on the cusp of releasing his 1140: The Overdose Gangsta Grillz tape with DJ Drama, Pill drops a short visual that serves the dual purpose of sparking interest and paying homage to Eazy.


Video: Killer Mike x Pill At SXSW

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Motion Family's video would lead you to believe that Mike & Pill performed together & tore it down @ SXSW.

Sports Sunday Freestyles

Killer Mike’s Introduces Sports Sundays

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I was content without doing another post, cold chillin' for the rest of the evening.

SL Jones


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Leading up to the drop of YSL, I've been challenging Jonesy to see what he could do over different beats.


S.L. Jones – “Speak & Spell”

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Ever since Mike & Pill formed an online presence, it's been a patient wait for Grind Time's S.L. Jones to make his move to set up shop online.


BTS: Freddie Gibbs x Pill’s “Cradle To The Grave” Video

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I get a lot of requests to post behind the scenes footage but normally pass because it's either a bore or pretty much psuedo-hype for a usual letdown.


From Killer To Bigga…

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We told 'em last week that certain Rappers Desperately Need A Name Change because they could never be marketed correctly (or taken seriously in some cases) and now ATL's favorite nephew Killer Mike has announced to AllHipHop that he will forever be known as Mike Bigga.


NSFW: Freddie Gibbs – “Bussdown”

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Yeah, the mixtape is droppin' in less than twenty-four hours and you know we've got you covered.


Video: Killer Mike Discusses Pill’s “Trap Goin’ Ham” Video

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While @ the Heineken Red Star Soul event @ Atlanta's Velvet Room, JaneeTMB of I Fux Wit It talks with Killer MIke about the controversial Pill's "Trap Goin Ham" video.


Freddie Gibbs – “County Bounce”

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Photo By Lucas Zielasko Another one from Gangsta Gibbs' upcoming midwestgangstaboxframecadillacmuzik, which will be hosted by DJ Skee.


Video: Pill Takes You To Pink City


Grind Time's Pill plays tour guide on this trip to his closed down, home stomping grounds, Pink City.


Freddie Gibbs Feat. Pill – “Womb 2 The Tomb”

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In a perfect world, Freddie Gibbs & Pill would live right next door to each other.


Pill x The New York Times

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There was a time in Hip-Hop when a song like Pill's "Trap Goin' Ham" was de rigueur.

SL Jones

Your Weekly Grind Time Update

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Starting things off, we check in on Killer who checks in with MTV's Mixtape Daily, telling them why hardcore rap is still alive.

SL Jones

S.L. Jones – “Mind Blowin'”

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New, slow burn material from Grind Time's S.


Pill – “Trap Goin’ Ham” Video

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No green screens or pseudo backdrops; only a chained (but still occupied.

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