January Jones Posted An Epic Instagram Rant Saying ‘Men Are There To Serve Women’

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"MEN SHOULD ACT LIKE THE SUN, SHINE STRONG 247/365 AND SERVE WOMEN," according to this Instagram post by 'Mad Men's' January Jones.


January Jones Has Joined The Cast Of Will Forte’s ‘The Last Man On Earth’

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January Jones will be on "The Last Man on Earth." We're not sure how that works, either.

the fat jew

January Jones Wants You To Know She’s ‘Flattered’ That The Fat Jew Wants To Drink Her Butt Sweat

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January Jones is down with the Fat Jew's raunchy humor, and she wants you to know it.


January Jones Is The Anti-Betty On Her Charming Instagram

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January Jones is the exact opposite of Betty Draper on Instagram.


Our 15 Favorite ‘Mad Men’ Couples And Hookups

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The many women of Don Draper and men of Peggy Olson.


The ‘Mad Men’ Cast Slumming It: What Sterling, Cooper Draper Might Look Like On Super Casual Friday

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After seeing the well-dressed cast of 'Mad Men' dolled up for the show for six seasons, how jarring is it to see them in T-shirts and hoodies?

The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon

January Jones Explained To Jimmy Fallon Why You Should Never, EVER Break Up With Her

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A lot of people have said a lot of mean things about January Jones over the years...and it's all warranted after a prank she played on an old boyfriend.


9-Year-Old January Jones: Would Not Bang

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January Jones shared this picture of her 9-year-old self on her Instagram, even though it's not even CLOSE to Throwback Thursday.

rosario dawson

Mr. Skin’s Top 10 Nude Scenes of 2013, In Excruciating Pun Form

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Mr. Skin announces his top 10 nude scenes of 2013, in excruciating pun form.


January Jones Is One Pissed Off Gunslinger In The New ‘Sweetwater’ Trailer

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Invoking the mid-90s Old West GRRRRRRRL POWER of Bad Girls and The Quick and the Dead, January Jones is trying her steady hand as a widowed gunslinger in Sweetwater (AKA Sweet Vengeance, depending on which country you're in).


25 Fun Facts, Theories, Callbacks, And Easter Eggs In AMC’s ‘Mad Men’

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A fun list of theories, inside jokes, and callbacks that you may have missed while watching 'Mad Men.'


20 Fun, Obscure Facts You Might Not Know About The Cast Of ‘Mad Men’

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A fun compendium of lesser known facts about the cast of 'Mad Men.'

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A GIF Tribute to the Ladies of 'Mad Men'

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Haha, remember when season five of “Mad Men” began with those jerks dropping water balloons on the black picketers on the street below.

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January Jones Has Not Enjoyed The Whole 'Fat Betty' Thing Nearly As Much As The Internet Has

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It's no secret that one of our favorite aspects of this season of Mad Men has been January Jones' Betty character being reduced to an occasionally appearing blob-fish -- and the internet at large has joined us in delight over this.

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January Jones’s Worst Audition Involves Prince, Jerry Bruckheimer, and ‘Coyote Ugly’

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The Hollywood Reporter recently brought together potential Emmy 2012 nominees Claire Danes, Mireille Enos, January Jones, Julianna Margulies, Emmy Rossum, and Kyra Sedgwick to discuss their processes, career inspirations, and worst auditions.


25 Women That Should Have Cracked Maxim’s “Hot 100″

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Last week, Maxim magazine released their annual "Hot 100" list featuring some of the hottest celebrity women (and one man.

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Mad Men Discussion: Okay, Seriously, What The Hell Did January Jones Do To Matt Weiner?

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Watching last night's episode of Mad Men, I was once again struck -- powerfully so -- with the belief that January Jones had to have done something to spark Matt Weiner's ire for him to turn Betty Draper into arguably the most unlikeable character in the history of television.

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