Jay Electronica’s Working With Nas?

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<a href=""> Let the annual Jay Electronica anticipation begin to boil anew as the wheels are officially in motion for the enigmatic emcee to hopefully put the rap world in a vice grip in 2011. During a recent set in Toronto, <a href="">The Come Up Show</a> caught up with the Mr.


Jay Electronica Takes The Plunge With Mountain Dew

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<a href=""> Well, it looks like choosing Jay-Z over Diddy is doing more for <a href="">Jay Electronica</a> than just forcing him to put out more than one record per year.

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Jay Electronica – “Jazzmataz (R.I.P Guru Sendoff)”

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Why would Jay Electronica <a href="!/JayElectronica/status/12183927938617344">release a tribute</a> to Guru many months after the man's passing.


The Week That Was: The Diddy Can’t Breathe Edition

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<a href="h"> -- Jay Electronica exorcised the ghost Christopher Wallace & got down with the <a href="">nation of Roc</a>.

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Jay Electronica Feat. Jay-Z & The-Dream – “Shiny Suit Theory”

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<a href=""> While most artists tend to hate being pressured by label-induced deadlines, this may be just what the doctor prescribed for Jay Electronica. After <a href="">his sudden announcement</a> yesterday, the man who hurt Diddy’s delicate feelings is putting hip-hop on notice once again, this time by featuring new labelmate Dr.

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Jay Electronica – “The Announcement”

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<a href=""> For his first act as <a href="">a Roc Nation superhero</a>, Jay Electronica wastes no time in getting his CDQ inaugural address out to the world after being sworn in.

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Jay Electronica Is The Roc Nation’s Newest Diamond

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<a href=""> As an artist, the only thing more frustrating than being sidelined from a puny buzz is being sidelined because your buzz drew the interest of a major label. Wealthy as they may be, most are still in the beta stage of harnessing new age talent. Too often, burgeoning talent see their momentum come to a standstill because the label needs that heat and wants the artist's next move under their umbrella, no matter the cost. In <a href="">Jay Electronica's</a> case, he's had to rest on his epigrammatic laurels while the rest of the world speculated, <a href="">criticized</a> and wrote him off as an <a href="">one-hitter quitter</a>, not knowing he was silently securing the most coveted position for a formidable MC in 2010.

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“Do It Big” – Review Of Ski Beatz’ 24 Hour Karate School

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<a href=""> As late career renaissances go, Ski Beatz’ has to be one of the most unexpected. Nevertheless, the man behind “Dead Presidents” rise from the ashes has nothing to do with luck, but rather an ability to consistently craft pristine tracks for young MCs like Curren$y and Jay Electronica. Having gotten his mojo back, Beatz steps out of the background and into the spotlight with his own album, 24 Hour Karate School. The result is easily one of best exhibitions of the year. Over a fast moving twelve tracks, Beatz establishes himself as a master of many styles, adept at transitioning between different sounds. The mournful horns of opener “<a href="">Nothing But Us</a>” bleed beautifully into the rough dissonance of “Go,” as Ski Beatz enlists the odd combination of Jim Jones and Curren$y to give the album some guttural flavor.


The Last Call For Jay Electronica

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<a href=""> Are there any other artists - aside from Cole, Jay Electronica and Nicki Minaj - who have more interviews than actual songs or projects? TC and I disagree as much as we agree, providing a counterbalance that works for keeping coverage and opinions as level as possible. While my counterpart's maybe-baby is J. Cole, mine happens to be Jay Electronica. It's not about hate or contempt; it's more of an arms folded stance, complete with a watchful side-eye. Consider it cautious optimism perhaps because I'm likely to embrace whatever he decides to release an EP or an mixtape. Still, I'm quick to remember the tremendous talents of Blu and the stranglehold he had on Hip-Hop's attention but never seemed to follow through. While <a href="">Jay states</a> that he has "a long distance relationship with rap music," I keep a similar distance from him.

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Che Grand & DJ Low Key – The Fixtape 2 (In It For The Drink Ticket)

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<a href=""> With school back in session across the country, it's officially headphone season. And <a href="">Che Grand</a> and <a href="">DJ Lowkey</a> are back to serve you with another dose of headnod crack in The Fixtape 2 (In It For The Drink Ticket).

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24 Hour Karate School Is Eleven Songs Deep

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<a href=""> The level of anticipation for Ski's 24 Hour School has wavered from a butterflies-in-stomach effect to "believe it when I see it," but as of right now, all skeptics should bow to <a href="">the sensei</a> because September 21st is the day the dojo will be opened.

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Game Feat. Jay Electronica & Swizz Beatz – “Higher”

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<a href=""> Well well, here’s a twist. After months of leaking subpar tracks, Game has found a way to rise to the occasion. All he had to do was enlist a group of A-list features and an equally esteemed producer and the job was virtually done for him. No matter the dismal quality of his recent mixtapes, Game has consistently shown that he is capable of putting out quality, trunk-pounding music and this song is definitely a step in the right direction. While this is a just a rough version of the track sans Nasir’s vocals, the song shows a very strong, budding chemistry between Game and Jay Electronica. Game’s verse is much stronger than the recent leaks we’ve been subjected to and Jay Elec, as usual, never fails to give each line his all, delivering a stellar verse that is definitely the highlight of this preliminary version. <a href="">Game Feat. Jay Electronica & Swizz Beatz - "Higher"</a> | <a href="">Download</a> Via <a href="">DDot</a>.


Joell Ortiz And Jay Electronica At Highline Ballroom

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<a href=""> Last Tuesday night, <a href="">Jay Electronica</a> was the slated headliner at the <a href="">Highline Ballroom</a>.


7.7 The Cooler

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Miz Mari Top 10 Rap Cameos in R&B Songs [The BVX] This Week In F—k You: Radio Shack [Kissing Suzy Kobler] Hate Of The Union: When New York Disses The South [Complex] Jay Electronica Forges His Own Path As 'Hottest Breakthrough MCs Of 2010' [...].

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Curren$y Feat. Mos Def & Jay Electronica – “The Day”

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<a href=""> And what a glorious day it is, as members of the rumored DD172-allied group <a href="">Center Edge Territory</a> come together for a track.


Big Boi, Yelawolf & Jay Electronica At Shriner’s Auditorium

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<a href=""> Imagine a stage packed with Big, Yela and Jay Elec. Sounds inviting to say the least, right? Imagine that show going down for free, no costs or entry fee. When <a href="">Fadia</a> told me this show was going down, I initially thought she was pulling my leg, especially when she said it'd be free.


5.14 The Cooler

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<a href=""> Brittney Donnaud The 18 Best White T-Shirts for Spring 2010 <a href="">[Complex]</a> England Brings Out The Big Guns For 2018 World Cup Bid <a href="">[With Leather]</a> ‘Entourage’… But with Women.


The Week That Was: The Battle Of Dueling Singles Edition

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<a href=""> -- <a href="">Drake</a> & <a href="">Eminem</a> both dropped off new singles.

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Jay Electronica Feat. Puffy – “The Ghost Of Christopher Wallace”

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<a href=""> Pretty remarkable week for rap music huh? New songs from several noteworthy artists and now we can add Jay's name to this week's ledger. Even a slight appearance from Lucifer couldn't derail the number of good tracks that have graced our hard drives. "From Baton Rouge to New Jerusalem, wack crews we bruise'em, Crooked-mouthed, flat-footed cops, we losin'em." Yeah, that was either the spirit of Christopher (or maybe Illmatic?) that emerged in the delivery and content contained just within those lines. <a href="">Jay Electronica Feat. Puffy - "The Ghost Of Christopher Wallace" (Prod. by Quincey Tones)</a> | <a href="">Download [UPDATE: Mastered Version]</a> Thanks: <a href="">DDot</a> & <a href="">X</a>.

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