JETT I. MASSTYR – DAGOBAH Instrumental Mixtape


The Houston producer delivers 24 tracks of heat for us instrumental heads.

Up The Road

Jett I Masstyr – “Shaky Solid Ground” Instrumental


According to the Jett I Master himself, "Shaky Solid Ground" represents "having faith in the unknown.


Jett I Masstyr – Moving On Instrumental Tape

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We're not exactly sure where Jett I Masstyr is Moving On to, but after hearing his latest instrumental mixtape, let's hope he's taking his keyboard and MPC with him.

We Got Now

hasHBrown Feat. John Dew & Hip-Phonix – “Weed Vs. Alcohol”

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You wanna know what's really missing in a lot of these collabos these days.

We Got Now

hasHBrown & Jett I Masstyr – “Grand Champion”

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<a href=""> Proclaiming yourself to be the top of anything in the rap world isn't exactly the most original approach, but when you embody two separate entities in one body, you're probably saying more than what is actually spoken. As an emcee, hasHBrown delivers balanced parables of the crushing competition-kind. While his alter ego Jett I Masstyr, is lightsaber-welding beatsmith who gives hasHBrown the tools he needs in his quest for the belt. Yeah, I'm confused too but he...err...they make good music. Straight out of H-Town. Check out <a href="">Boy-Cott Magazine's interview</a> for further acquaintance and look out for Break Something, the album.

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