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BEWARE’s Block: Are You Coming Or What?

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BEWARE’s Block: Tip Of The Iceberg

Uncover some underground gems on BEWARE's Block.


JETT I. MASSTYR – DAGOBAH Instrumental Mixtape

The Houston producer delivers 24 tracks of heat for us instrumental heads.

Up The Road

Jett I Masstyr – “Shaky Solid Ground” Instrumental

According to the Jett I Master himself, "Shaky Solid Ground" represents "having faith in the unknown.


Jett I Masstyr – Moving On Instrumental Tape


We're not exactly sure where Jett I Masstyr is Moving On to, but after hearing his latest instrumental mixtape, let's hope he's taking his keyboard and MPC with him.

We Got Now

hasHBrown Feat. John Dew & Hip-Phonix – “Weed Vs. Alcohol”


You wanna know what's really missing in a lot of these collabos these days.

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