Joan Rivers Is In Critical Condition After She Stopped Breathing During Surgery

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Everyone think positive thoughts, because Joan Rivers is in critical condition after she stopped breathing during a routine surgery.


Holy Sh*t: Joan Rivers Went On A Rant About How Palestinians Deserve To Be Dead

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We don't know why people are still paying attention to what an 81-year-old lady thinks, but everyone is upset with Joan Rivers again.


David Letterman Covered Joan Rivers’ CNN Walk Out By Walking Out On Her Mid-Interview

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Joan Rivers walked out on CNN, so David Letterman thought she deserved a taste of her own medicine.


Joan Rivers Storms Off Her CNN Interview After Being Questioned On Her Offensive Humor

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Joan Rivers continues to be a beacon for outrage, but this time it's her being outraged.

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Joan Rivers: Michelle Obama Is ‘A Tranny’ And ‘We All Know It’

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What does Joan Rivers have to say about President Obama and his wife Michelle? Offensive things, that's what.


Kristen Stewart Threatened to Sue Joan Rivers Over Her Rupert Sanders Super Zing

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Joan Rivers and Kristen Stewart are currently engaged in an EPIC BEEF over the former's insinuation that the latter juggles married men's balls.


Jason Biggs Is Not A Fan Of Tara Reid’s Body

By | 35 Comments

Jason Biggs seems determined to make everybody hate him by making fun of Tara Reid.

today show

Joan Rivers Won’t Apologize For Joking About The Cleveland Kidnapping Victims

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Joan Rivers made a joke in passing on 'The Today Show' and now all of these easily offended individuals want an apology.

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

Joan Rivers Made A Heartfelt And Hilarious Return To ‘The Tonight Show’ After Nearly 30 Years

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Joan Rivers found herself banned from 'The Tonight Show' almost 30 years ago, but now she's back and not pulling punches.

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Watch Jimmy Fallon’s ‘Tonight Show’ Debut Get Interrupted By A Parade Of Impressive Celebrity Cameos

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Jimmy Fallon gets surprise cameos from Robert De Niro, Tina Fey, Stephen Colbert, Mariah Carey, and everyone else.

Web Series

Joan Rivers Just Launched A Web Show In Which She Interviews Celebrities In Bed


Move over Jerry Seinfeld interviewing comedians in a car while making coffee runs; Joan Rivers is going to interview celebrities in her bed.


Joan Rivers Wants To Slap Rihanna For Still Loving Chris Brown; Rihanna Makes A Diaper Joke

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On her Twitter account, Joan Rivers threatened to slap Rihanna for admitting that she she still loves Chris Brown. Rihanna responded.


Joan Rivers chained herself to a shopping cart at Costco

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Joan Rivers, subject of the delightful 2010 documentary, Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work, was arrested yesterday for chaining herself to a cart at a Burbank Costco.


7.23 The Cooler

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Faren Kodak Loses Patent Case Against Apple, RIM <a href="">[All Things Digital]</a> Spotify Marks Its First Anniversary In The US With 13 Billion Listens <a href="">[Engadget]</a> Joan Rivers Clowns Kim Kardashian’s Black Men Fetish <a href="">[The Urban Daily]</a> Frank Ocean: The Only Band That Matters <a href="">[SF Weekly]</a> Liberties: White People, Rap & Phil Collins <a href="">[Gwarizm]</a> Who Has The Best Backcourt In The NBA.


5.2 The Cooler

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DJ Khaled's Tour Bus Explodes <a href="">[Hip-Hop Wired]</a> Did Rosario Dawson Upgrade Her Lady Lumps.


Joan Rivers Trashes Jay Leno, Dane Cook, and Chelsea Handler

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Sometimes people give Joan Rivers a hard time, usually for the massive amount of plastic surgery she's had done over the years, or her role as E.


Joan Rivers Gets Stoned, Drinks Hot Tub Water Out of Her Shoe


When I watch this video — from last night's episode of WE tv's "Joan & Melissa: Joan Knows Best" — of 78-year-old Joan Rivers and her friend Lynne smoking a bowl, hot boxing a car, demanding Cheerios, chanting "food truck.


Yup, That’s A Burn: The Very Best Jokes From Comedy Central’s Celebrity Roasts

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In just a few hours, Comedy Central will air the Comedy Central Roast of Charlie Sheen, coincidentally on the same night that America’s favorite insane celebrity’s former show, "Two and a Half Men," will air with his replacement, Ashton Kutcher.

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