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John Oliver On Sarah Palin’s ‘Obvious Trolling’: ‘Just ‘F*cking Ignore Her’

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Sarah Palin is back, you guys. Last night on the Daily Show, John Oliver offered some sage advice on how to handle her return.


John Oliver Assumed His Place In The ‘Daily Show’ Host’s Chair Last Night. It Was Kind Of Weird.

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As you may have heard, John Oliver is taking over as host of the Daily Show for Jon Stewart this summer. Last night marked the passing of the torch.

Jon Stewart Handed ‘The Daily Show’ Off To John Oliver

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It required a bit of delicacy, balancing information, earnestness, and humor. They of course pulled it off effortlessly.


The ‘Daily Show’ Series On Gun Control In Australia Was Outstanding

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This week the Daily Show ran a three-part series on the sweeping gun control legislation Australia passed in the mid-90s. It deserves a Pulitzer.

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Jon Stewart taking an 12-week hiatus to direct a movie. Whaa?

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That's right, Jon Stewart is going to be a film director.

Jon Stewart Is Taking A 12-Week Hiatus To Direct A Movie; John Oliver Will Host ‘The Daily Show’

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The "Daily Show" host will be directing "Rosewater," based on a book by former imprisoned journalist Maziar Bahari.

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John Oliver Explains What It’s Like To Read Elaborate ‘Daily Show’ Slash Fiction

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Not only is Mr. Oliver simply fun to listen to, but he hits home when he starts talking internet.


The ‘Daily Show’ Mourns The Slow Death Of Investigative Journalism, Specifically At CNN

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John Oliver spends some time with former CNN foreign investigative correspondent Kaj Larsen, who now works as a personal trainer to pay his bills. God help us.


Patrick Stewart is John Oliver


Replacement correspondent Patrick Stewart fills in for The Daily Show's John Oliver in a segment about NFL replacement refs.


John Oliver's Presidential Halftime Speech


John Oliver thinks American politicians could learn a lot from coaches in sports movies.


‘The Daily Show’ Gets It

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Despite my better efforts to learn nothing about serious issues that actually affect people's lives, I couldn't help hearing something about Great Britain's elections.

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