Last Week Tonight with John Oliver

Watch Lisa Loeb Help John Oliver Call The People Of Oregon ‘F*cking Idiots’

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Lisa Loeb appeared on "Last Week Tonight with John Oliver" to sing a song about how everyone in Oregon is a "f*cking idiot."

Cliven Bundy

Watch John Oliver Lay Waste To Donald Sterling And Cliven Bundy During The ‘Last Week Tonight’ Premiere

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John Oliver had plenty of material to work with for the premiere of his new HBO show, thanks to crazy old racists.


Weekend Preview: Finally, Betty Is Back

By | 18 Comments

The highlights include 'Mad Men,' 'Game of Thrones,' a new Jim Gaffigan special, and John Oliver's new late night talk show.

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Here’s John Oliver Describing How His British Friends Made Fun Of Him For Crying On ‘The Daily Show’

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And don't forget to stick around for bonus Hulk Hogan ear cup impersonations. John Oliver is the best.


Comedian John Oliver Parodied Those Dumb GOP Millennial Ads Because Someone Had To


Few things are certain in life, but Republicans' continuing bumblef*ck in courting Millennial voters is one of them.


Watch This Hilarious New Trailer For ‘Last Week Tonight With John Oliver’

By | 4 Comments

HBO gives us the first glimpse of 'Last Week Tonight with John Oliver.'

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This Dane Cook Bit Between Joel McHale & John Oliver From Tomorrow Night’s ‘Community’ Is Magical

By | 16 Comments

Ah, Community. Finding new and interesting ways to make fun of Dane Cook's career.


HBO Gives John Oliver’s New Weekend Series A Name

By | 7 Comments

HBO gives John Oliver's new weekend TV series a name. DANGER!


In Which We Reward The Absolute Best of The Best In TV From 2013

By | 21 Comments

Looking back on the best that was from some of our favorite TV shows of 2013.


Jon Stewart Bid John Oliver A Tearful, Hilarious ‘Daily Show’ Goodbye With A Surprise Retrospective

By | 35 Comments

All good things must come to an end. Especially when HBO comes calling with a bag full of premium cable money.


John Oliver Is Getting A Show Of His Very Own On HBO

By | 28 Comments

John Oliver is leaving "The Daily Show" for HBO.

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Allow The ‘Daily Show’ And Its Best F*cking News Team To Demonstrate How Not To Be The Miami Dolphins

By | 9 Comments

Jon Stewart & Co. finally got around to covering the Miami Dolphins bullying fiasco last night. This is why I get my news from The Daily Show.


Allow John Oliver To Explain Why Congress Is The Time Warner Cable Of Government

By | 38 Comments

I'll leave the lesson to him but it involves both Time Warner Cable and X-Men so now I get it.


Here Are All 32 Of John Oliver’s Excuses For Jon Stewart’s ‘Daily Show’ Absence

By | 10 Comments

Every episode of "The Daily Show" began with John Oliver explaining Jon Stewart's summer absence. Here's all of them.


Old ‘Daily Show’ Correspondents Returned To Say Goodbye And F*ck You To Departing Host John Oliver

By | 24 Comments

Watch this perfect farewell to John Oliver from some old friends who returned to say goodbye...and f*ck you.

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