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10 Best NBA Teams That Didn’t Win a Championship

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With the beginning of every new NBA season, there are a few teams whom we consider to be favorites to win the championship.


Reality TV beef with Steve Nash and Shaq; The Elite 24 is here

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Are you ready for the dumbest NBA feud since Cheryl Miller and Scot Pollard got into a deathly intense, impromptu pissing contest in the "NBA Gametime" studio a few months ago.

#LeBron James

Rookies get buckets in Vegas, and Charlie Villanueva hits us up

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Even more than in last week's Orlando summer league, we're seeing a trend develop in Vegas: The star rookies aren't just getting the green light to fire away, they're having the entire offense run through them.


NBA Fantasy Finals: 2004 Pistons vs. 1994 Knicks

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To clarify: Our NBA Fantasy Finals have nothing to do with the stat-driven "fantasy basketball" you play online.


Kobe and Pau serve a 40-piece; Orlando blows another one

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Phil Jackson isn't a yell-and-scream type of coach.

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