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Christian Bale Supposedly Returns To The Batsuit For 'Justice League'

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Warners is now rumored to be doing what it really should have done all along.

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Rumor: Christian Bale will return as Batman in Justice League

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The Justice League rumor mill has been working overtime for months now - for years, if you count George Miller's thankfully-<a href="" target="_blank">scrapped attempt</a> to bring it to theaters - and with all the problems facing our country and planet, I can think of few things more important than the whens, hows, and whys of Superman broing down with Batman and Mighty Mouse.


Guillermo Del Toro's 'Dark Justice League' Is Making Progress

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As usual, when Vince asked me to cover for him so he could host another one of his Full House Reality Tours, I started looking for new Justice League HOTT GOSS, because he likes it when I write about comic book movie news and piss people off.


Don’t Call The Team: Five Reasons They Shouldn’t Rush Out A ‘Justice League’ Movie

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A Justice League movie may or may not be coming out in 2015. Here's why Warners should push it back, either way.


More ‘Justice League’ Rumors: It Could Be 6 Years Before We See Batman Again

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Last we checked in on the perpetually-crumbling Justice League film, writer <a href="">Will Beall’s first script was allegedly locked in the deepest, darkest cell of Arkham Asylum</a>, never to be seen again.


Warner Bros. May Have Thrown Out Its 'Justice League' Script Due To General Terribleness

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Batman and Superman punching dudes -- how hard is that to do right?


The Justice League Movie Has Its Lineup (what, no Hawkman?!)

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The other day we talked about how Marvel Studios was possibly going to screw the pooch <a href="">by casting Adam Sandler to voice Rocket the Raccoon</a> in Guardians of the Galaxy, but the good news to take away from that was that at least Marvel was actually casting.


Four Movies DC Should Make Before ‘Justice League’

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The 'Justice League' movie is on the way... but Warners should consider making a few other movies first.


The Justice League Film Has A Writer, Possibly A Storyline, But Still No Director

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Despite having no director, presumably just one actor and simply existing as a clump of muddled rumors that all involve some variation of the phrase, “You know, just like Marvel’s The Avengers”, Warner Bros.


The ‘Justice League’ Movie Has Its Villain

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Last we checked in on the cinematic punchline that has been Warner Bros.


Rumor: The Villain In The Justice League Movie Will Be Exactly Who You Think It Is

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'Justice League' has a villain, and potentially a serious problem.


‘Justice League’ Is Coming In 2015, Thanks To The Superman Legal Case You May Not Have Heard About

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Following Warner's win of the Superman court case with the estates of Shuster and Siegel, the 'Justice League' movie and 'Batman' reboot are moving forward.

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4 ‘New 52′ Series That Started Great Then Lost Their Way

By | 9 Comments

These are the New 52 titles that seemed full of potential a year ago, but have since lost their way...


Batman Rumored To Be Rebooted Only Two Years From Now In 'Justice League'

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Warner needs another blockbuster franchise now that Batman and Harry Potter are over. We're hearing rumors that they may be returning to the Batman cash cow already.


Ben Affleck Says He’s Not Going To Do A Justice League Movie. This Is Actually A Bad Thing

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Ben Affleck says he's not directing a Justice League movie, which is actually a shame because directing is the thing he can actually do...


So The 'Just Cause 2' Guys Are Probably Making a Justice League Game


Kotaku's gossip column <a href="">features a breakdown of what Avalanche Studios is hard at work on</a>.

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