Take A Look At The 2015 NBA All-Star Game’s Starters

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Five first-time starters make the cut for the 2015 NBA All Star Game. Did your picks make the cut?


LeBron Returns To The Court With A Monster Reverse Dunk And A Shove For His Coach

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LeBron James comes back with a big reverse jam on the baseline.

Adorable Fans

Watch This Four-Year-Old Cavs Fan Perfectly Recite The Team’s Entire Pregame Intro


All those in favor of LeBron changing his jersey number to twenty-fwee, say aye.

#Viral Videos

Did LeBron James Tell Dwyane Wade The Two Would Reunite If Things Went South In Cleveland?

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Is this clip proof that LeBron wants to join up with his buddy DWade again?

Wu Tang

LeBron’s Hairline Looks A Lot Like The Wu-Tang Logo

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This is stupid and awesome and I love it so much.

LeBron James

Could LeBron James Leave Cleveland Again?

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The Decision III, leaving Cleveland. Could that actually happen?

Darko Milicic

NBA Bust Darko Milicic Has Taken Up Kickboxing And We Have Video Of His First Fight


Darko Milicic turned in his basketball shorts for punchy and kicky shorts.

Heist Of The Century

A Memphis Man Stole 7,500 Pairs Of LeBron’s Sneakers Worth $1.5 Million

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The story of the man who almost made off with $1.5 million of LeBron's unreleased sneaker.

#Jay Z

Here’s The Story Of How Jay Z Got LeBron James And Other NBA Players To Wear ‘I Can’t Breathe’ Shirts

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Jay Z, Russell Simmons and others make it possible for LeBron and other NBA players to wear "I Can't Breathe" t-shirts.

Kate Middleton

Keith Olbermann Calls Royal Etiquette Expert The World’s Worst Person And He’s Not Wrong

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Keith Olbermann slices and dices a Royal etiquette expert who had strong words for LeBron's treatment of Kate Middleton.


Jay-Z And Beyonce Hold Court With Prince William And Duchess Kate Middleton

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The Prince and Duchess of Cambridge meet the King and Queen of Brooklyn.

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