Revisiting The Blame Behind The Most Embarrassing Flub In ‘SNL’ History

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What exactly happened to Ashlee Simpson after her 'SNL' flub?

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Will Ferrell, Kevin Hart, And Jimmy Fallon Had A Lip Sync Battle, And Drew Barrymore Won

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You will never unsee this, says Jimmy Fallon, but perhaps that's a good thing.


Here’s Mariah Carey Allegedly Lip Syncing During A Concert In Jamaica

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Mariah Carey should probably try harder at that lop syncing thing.

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Hey YouTube Commenters, Do You Think Navy Baseball’s Tribute To ‘Frozen’ Is Gay?

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We checked with the Internet oracles in the YouTube comments of the viral Navy baseball 'Frozen' video to find out what they think of it.


For Absolutely No Reason, Here’s A Girl Perfectly Lip-Syncing The Iron Bowl Call

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A 25-year old Texas State graduate lip synced the Chris Davis Iron Bowl call, and now she's popular. OKAY SURE!


Anderson Silva Is Prepping For Chris Weidman At UFC 168 By Desperately Needing A Hobby


Former UFC Middleweight Champion Anderson Silva is preparing for his UFC 168 rematch by lip-syncing early-00s hits.


With Leather’s Watch This: Some Rugby Bros Lip Synced ‘Sweet Child O’ Mine’

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At first I was super bummed that this video didn’t feature this car full of rugby bros actually singing the Guns N Roses/Sheryl Crow classic “Sweet Child O’ Mine,” but instead lip syncing to the hilarious scene in Step Brothers, in which Adam Scott directs his family in a spectacular rendition.

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