6.7 The Cooler

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Lola Monroe 20 Of Ray Bradbury's Thoughts On Life, Death & Writing <a href="" target="blank">[Buzzfeed]</a> Kevin Garnett Is No Longer The Good Michael Jordan <a href="">[TSFJ]</a> Don’t Steal A$AP Rocky’s Watch <a href="">[2DBz]</a> LisaRaye: “I Think I’ll Forever Be Diamond And That’s Ok For Me” <a href="">[C+D]</a> How Much Water Should You Drink A Day.

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5.18 The Cooler

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Lais De Leon John Woo To Direct ‘Day Of The Beast’ [Deadline] 10 Photos Of Celebs Looking Awkward Next To Jay-Z [Hip-Hop Wired] Ricky Williams On Football And Concussions [The Atlantic] Comcast To Remove 250GB Data Cap But Don't Celebrate Just Yet [The Consumerist] 40 [...].


Lisa Raye & Stacey Dash Search For Sex

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<a href=""> The new Black Sex In The City will be coming to the TV screen and starring two beacons of eternal beauty, Lisa Raye and Stacey Dash, and Charity Shea, who isn't too shabby either and we'll assume portrays the token white friend role. Something something something, the show's premise revolves around three friends navigating relationships, Atlanta's social scene and the inability to find healthy relationships, which is <a href="">so unimaginable</a> in ATL, right.


Looks Like Diamond’s Still Got It

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<a href="">Lisa Raye's</a> 40-years-old but it looks like she's still able to summon her inner Diamond @ the drop of hat, such as the case when this camera catches her and she begins dancing to Jay Sean's "Do You Remember" in the middle of the street.


Video: Lisa Raye Talks Divorce, Al Sharpton, & Rocsi

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<a href="">Team Yee</a> caught up with Lisa Raye to discuss the finer points of the minor tornado of controversy that's surrounded her in recent months.

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