1.23 The Cooler

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Ashley Toi Rihanna Breaks VEVO Record <a href="">[Pop Crush]</a> Megaupload Founder Kim Dotcom, By The Numbers <a href="">[Time]</a> Video Game Stings Takes Down East St.

The iPod Shuffle

The iPod Shuffle – Celly Cel’s “It’s Goin’ Down’ (Remix)”

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Between both the original and remix, I've probably heard <a href="">Celly Cel's</a>, "It's Goin' Down," more than the National Anthem.


Mack & Malone Feat. Boobie Soprano – “Girls Everywhere” Video


<a href=""> Being a gangsta is cool and all, but Mack & Malone know how to celebrate life's more important matters. T&A comes with the terrority and the Money Music makers have a grab at it, not to mention a few cop-and-feels as well. If eye candy was a literal term, Mack, Malone and Xzibit would would have went blind at the casting call for the MM's 5th video. They're swimming in silicon, deep sea diving in dammmn and making Flava Flav rethink bringing back his show for another season. In other news, the suits at Trojan Inc. just took the rest of the year off. Don't sleep on Money Music, <a href="">in stores now</a>.

Money Music

“Extra Extra” – Review Of Mack & Malone’s Money Music


<a href=""> Just in case you haven't been clued in to rap's Industrial Average, the industry is a business, first and foremost. To get to the top of the ranks, you have to be somewhat keen of managing your monetary support on both the front and back ends. As a widely recognized hustler going on his third decade, Mack 10 is still a business-minded executive when it comes to running his Hoo-Bangin' imprint and his latest venture with his flagship artist, Glasses Malone, looks to break the bank in Twenty Eleven. Money Music is their game and their aim is a point blank hollow tip bullet. While the album title's obvious implications are represented well ("Money Drunk," "Winnin'"), Mack & Malone still have a few exploits of 211's and 187's to keep themselves visible on the LAPD's radar. Glasses hits the hardest with his ode to retaliation in "<a href="">Everybody Gotta Go</a>," a scenic kidnapper's narrative which even features the family dog getting his death certificate stamped.


Mack & Malone – “Winning” x “Extra Extra” Videos


<a href=""> Props to G. Malone and Mack One-Oh. Their particular brand of "Winning" dropped long before Charlie Sheen began to embarrass his entire legacy but they didn't get fully recognized for it. None the matter; real G's move in silence and they more concerned with the money---hence the name of their new LP, Money Music. On the b-side, Mack 10 relishes in his decorated past, Mack 10 takes the hotseat for "Extra, Extra," conducting a trip down memory lane over Italian eatery. You can hear all about it on <a href="">iTunes</a> and <a href="">Amazon</a>.


Mack & Malone Feat. Richie Rich – “Dear D.E.A.” Video

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<a href=""> Hoo-Bangin' Records has no disregard for those trying to get in the way of their cash flow. Even if that means including those silver-haired civil servants who carry M9's and wear those windbreaker jackets with yellow lettering printed on the back. Some would call it an open invitation for the feds to raid your spot, but Mack 10 and Glasses Malone simply call it Money Music. For their first act of anti-indictment action, they call up the O.G. Richie Rich to poison the cheese for rats and snitches alike. Pay to play for the duo's new LP on <a href="">iTunes</a> or <a href="">Amazon</a> now.


Mack & Malone – “Everybody Gotta Go” Video

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<a href=""> In 1997, The Notorious B.I.G. once instructed you that real life beef consisted of  "needing two gats to go sleep" and "you roll no less than 30 deep." May have sound far-fetched and drastic but a life isn't for gambling. Dice are. So you play the odds or the paranoia game if someone is trying to threaten yours. For an updated manual on How To The Squash Beef In Your Hood, let <a href="">G. Malone</a> be your tour guide.

Westside Connection

The iPod Shuffle – “Backyard Boogie”

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<a href=""> Typically, the thought truly is what counts. See, I still haven't checked my messages since my belated birthday, but when I got my buddy's week removed e-mail reminder that he had played Mack 10's seasonly-appropriate and BBQ-slathered "Backyard Boogie" for my surprise voicemail greeting, I was pleasantly surprised for having waited. The reiteration confirms two of two things; my man is a goofball and that, before their falling out, Chicken Hawk and the Don Mega made music worth getting excited over. <a href="">Mack 10 Feat. Ice Cube - "Backyard Boogie"</a> | <a href="">Download</a>.

Tha Bizness

Mack 10 Feat. Glasses Malone – “Hoo-Bangin II”

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In all honesty, before I read<a href=""> TC’s review</a>, I was unaware that Mack 10 even released an album this year.

Tha Bizness

“Hood Famous” – Review Of Mack 10’s Soft White

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Often overlooked but never without resolve, Mack 10's career has held steadfast even though he's never been the biggest dog in the yard.


“Saturday Love…”

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Hot for the upcoming summer season, Glasses Malone just dropped an extremely breezy remix to his track "Sun Come Up," featuring T-Paid, Rick Rawse and the Hoobanger himself, Mack 1-0.


Glasses Malone Feat. Lil Wayne & Birdman – “Haterz” Video

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Typical club backdrop + Pop-Up Video + Weezy rapping to himself in a bathroom mirror = "Haterz," the new video by Glasses Malone, featuring Dwayne and his dad.

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