‘Madden 15′ Predicted The Exact Score Of The Super Bowl. Wizardry!

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EA Games has some explaining to do about how they pulled off this wizardry.

#Ray Rice

Ray Rice Is Also Being Kicked Out Of ‘Madden 15′

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EA will patch Madden '15 to remove all traces of garbage human being Ray Rice, and Madden GIFerator is a sh*tstorm right now.

meme watch

Meme Watch: The Internet Gave EA’s Madden GIFerator The Ol’ Razzle Dazzle

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EA asked the Internet to create Madden GIFs using NFL-approved animations paired with user-submitted captions. This will surely end well.

Madden 15

A Brief History Of Eli Manning Face

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The Eli Manning face is coming to a video game near you.

Madden 15

Here’s An Amazing Madden 15 Glitch That Features A Player Flying In The Air

By | 3 Comments

Madden 15 just came out yesterday and hold on to your butts for a myriad of glitches.

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