A Former NFL Player Says The NFL Should Allow Marijuana Use As A Painkiller

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Imagine for a second, the pain an NFL player feels after a brutal Sunday afternoon game.

#Seth Rogen

Hilarity Alert: Amy Pascal’s New Office Reportedly Smells Like Weed Thanks To Seth Rogen


Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg smoked so much weed in what is now Amy Pascal's office that they can't get the stench out.

2 Chainz

2 Chainz Smokes The Finest Weed Money Can Buy For New ‘Most Expensivest Shit’ Episode

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2 Chainz smokes weed out of gold rolling papers for GQ's 'Most Expensivest Shit' web series.

pat robertson

Pat Robertson: Smoking Weed Makes You ‘A Slave To A Vegetable’

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Pat Robertson's has a theory about addiction and it involves vegetables and man's dominion over the earth.


Martha Stewart Claims She’s Got The Skills To Roll A Perfect Joint

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Martha Stewart reveals her joint rolling skills in this interview and determines which billionaires she'd shag, marry, or kill.


Two Major Pot Busts Went Down This Week, Including A Secret Underground Farm In Brooklyn

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The other was a record-breaking bust near San Diego, where authorities confiscated 15 tons of pot worth $19 million.


‘Happiness Isn’t Behind A Golden Gate': Larry Sanders Explains Why He Walked Away From The NBA

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Larry Sanders reportedly got a healthy buyout from the Bucks and now he's talking about his decision to walk away from the NBA.


That Study Claiming Marijuana Is 114 Times Safer Than Alcohol Is A Bit Overhyped

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Marijuana is supposed "114 times safer" than alcohol. But it turns out, when you read the study, there are some caveats to that statement.


A New Government Study Says Driving Stoned Isn’t Nearly As Bad As Driving Drunk

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Surprisingly, the government's overview of marijuana research finds driving stoned, while dumb, isn't as bad as driving drunk.


Anderson Silva And Nick Diaz Both Failed Drug Tests

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If Nick Diaz behaved a little stranger than normal at UFC 183, there's a pretty expected explanation for that, he was high on weed.


Own This Rare Photo Of David Bowie And Iggy Pop Getting Arrested For Weed Possession

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Own a piece of music history: a photo of David Bowie and Iggy Pop getting arrested.


Seattle Has Weed Vending Machines Now

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Seattle will unveil its first weed vending machine on Tuesday

nancy grace is the worst

Dr. Drew Had It Out With Nancy Grace Over Her Ridiculous ‘#Pot2Blame?’ Argument

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Nancy Grace is once again making a self righteous argument over marijuana legalization, and once again failing miserably.


Watch 2 Chainz Heroically Vaporize Wicked TV Troll Nancy Grace In A Debate Over Weed Legalization

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Nancy Grace is the worst. Meanwhile, 2 Chainz is the best. It's a battle of good vs. evil. WHO YA GOT?!


Drafthouse Invites You On A Weed-Filled Party Bus With Paul Thomas Anderson

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I can't think of a better way to see 'Inherent Vice' than after a stoned bus trip with Paul Thomas Anderson.


The 2014 UPROXX People Of The Year

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Celebrate the people who helped make our days a little brighter and funnier in 2014.

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