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A Seattle Burger Restaurant’s New Ad Features Jesus Smoking A Joint

By | 12 Comments

The LunchBox Laboratory burger restaurant in Seattle has raised eyebrows with a 4/20 Easter ad that features Jesus smoking a joint.


Amanda Bynes’ Mom Is Blaming All Of Her Daughter’s Problems On Marijuana

By | 3 Comments

Amanda Bynes is blaming all of her daughter's strange behavior on Marijuana. I knew it. It's always Weed!


Pilots On Justin Bieber’s Plane Had To Wear Gas Masks For Some Strange Reason

By | 5 Comments

Justin Bieber and his posse acted like Justin Bieber and his posse on a Super Bowl bound plane over the weekend.


You Won’t Believe How Much Money Justin Bieber Is Spending On Weed

By | 22 Comments

Bieber's been having a stressful month. Luckily he has a ridonkulous amount of ganja to calm down with.


Coming Soon To The Denver County Fair: Joint Rolling Contests

By | 4 Comments

Already billed as an unconventional affair, the Denver County Fair is adding marijuana-related competitions this year, including a joint-rolling contest.


Did You Catch The Stoned CNN Reporter Doing A Colorado Legalization Report For Anderson Cooper?

By | 6 Comments

A CNN reporter went live from Colorado after spending a day taking a limo tour of local dispensaries. There may have been a contact high.

bill o'reilly

Jon Stewart’s Glorious Evisceration Of Anti-Weed Legalization Media Types Will Give Every Stoner A Boner

By | 29 Comments

Jon Stewart takes on the predictable Fox News fear-mongering (led by Bill O'Reilly) over legalized marijuana and we're all the better for it.


You’ll Never Guess What This ‘Breaking Bad’ Contest Winner Was Arrested For

By | 8 Comments

A Florida man who won a 'Breaking Bad' contest in September was arrested after it was discovered he really, really related to Walter White.


Snoop Dogg Gave Conan A Vaporizer For Enjoying ‘Herbal Oils’ This Holiday Season

By | 3 Comments

Watch Snoop Dogg give Conan a vaporizer for enjoying those essential herbal oils that aid relaxation and help daily life seem manageable.


Stephen Colbert Interviewed The Denver Post’s Marijuana Editor Via Satellite From ‘Bongistan’ Last Night

By | 7 Comments

How does one get the job of "marijuana editor?" Work in the music department, naturally.


Of Course Miley Cyrus Has Pornographic Jack-O’-Lanterns. Of Course She Does.

By | 14 Comments

Miley Cyrus posted her pornographic Jack-o'-lanterns to Instagram to show how wild and edgy she still is.

college humor

‘High TED Talks’ Gives A Much-Needed Platform To Your Stoned College Roommate

By | 2 Comments

College Humor have outdone themselves with High TED Talks, a parody of TED videos. To be fair, that giant LEGO idea sounds awesome.


Florida Friday: Jason Sprott arrested after cops notice weed on his shirt

By | 14 Comments

Today's Florida Friday didn't make Florida Friday because it's so uniquely Florida, or because it's the most lurid, tragic, or bizarre story we've heard, it made Florida Friday because something about the combination of the mugshot, story, name, and the fact that it took place in "Waldo, Florida" I find endlessly amusing.


Jack In The Box Is Now Appealing Directly To Stoners Its ‘Munchie Meal’

By | 9 Comments

Not gonna lie, but after seeing these ads I totally want to go to Jack In The Box right this very second and hand them all of my money.


Seattle Cops Handed Out 1,000 Bags Of Doritos To The Stoners At Hempfest

By | 6 Comments

In an effort to spread awareness about Washington's marijuana laws, Seattle police handed out 1,000 bags of Doritos to people at Hempfest this weekend.


A Toronto Man Tried To Buy Pot On Twitter, Was Mocked By The Police And Lost His Job

By | 7 Comments

A mechanic in Toronto lost his job at Mr. Lube after he Tweeted for a drug dealer to bring him some pot and the York Police Department responded.


Amanda Bynes Told The Judge That Her Bong Was ‘Just A Vase’

By | 25 Comments

As I’m sure you’ve heard by now, She’s the Man star <a href="" target="_blank">Amanda Bynes was arrested last night</a> for reckless endangerment, possession of weed and tampering with evidence after the doorman at her New York City apartment building called the cops on her for smoking the chronic in the lobby.


A Butcher In Seattle Is Selling Marijuana-Infused Bacon, Because This Is America

By | 15 Comments

A Seattle butcher is selling bacon made with meat from pigs that were fed medical marijuana.


Willie Nelson’s ‘The Hobbit 2′ Audition Reel


Willie Nelson has his heart set on playing Gandalf in the The Hobbit 2.

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