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Adorable 'Thriller' Fail


The cutest rendition of Thriller you'll ever see does not end well for one of the performers.

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Prepare Yourself For Amy Winehouse And Elvis Holograms On ‘The X Factor’


You haven't heard "Thriller" until you've heard it sung by Hologram Michael Jackson and an amateur vocalist.

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What The Hell Is Happening To The Jacksons?


Don't you miss the good ol' days of debating about Janet Jackson's nipple?

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Great Moments In Presidential Kiss Cam Fails

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After trailing by as many as 10 points to Team Brazil, the U.


12 Fascinating True Stories About Guest Stars On 'The Simpsons'

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"Ken Griffey, Jr. did not understand his line 'there's a party in my mouth and everyone's invited' and got quite frustrated when he was recording it."


Anderson Silva Is Just Trolling Chael Sonnen Now

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UFC's Middleweight Champion and longest reigning champion Anderson Silva is on the cover of Rolling Stone Brazil, and Rolling Stone's only two ideas for photos are "take off your clothes" and "do something stupid".


Which Country Has The Worst Taste In Music?

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Last week, Adele’s 21, which has sold more than 20 million copies worldwide since being released in January last year, leapfrogged Michael Jackson’s Thriller to become the fifth selling album in U.


The Best Morning Links Around


Nothing's ever gonna keep 'em down.

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Morning Links: The Atheist’s Nightmare

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The way he says "Mighty God" makes it sound like an infomercial.


Silva VS. Bieber Set For UFC 136

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Another day, another story about Justin Bieber, the world's <a href="">Sexiest Teenage Man</a>, shoehorning himself into the world of sports because he's rich and popular enough to do anything he wants.

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Das Racist’s Video For ‘Michael Jackson’ Is Completely Random, Absurd


I should state right off the bat that I'm not really a fan of Brooklyn-based rap trio Das Racist.


The Craziest (And Coolest) Celebrity Items Ever Listed And Purchased At Auctions

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Last week marked the two-year anniversary of the tragic death of one of the most celebrated pop culture icons in modern history – Billy Mays.

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A Golden Treasury Of Photos Of Rihanna Grabbing Her Crotch. You’re Welcome.

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I've been kind of taken aback by the web chatter that's ensued in the wake of<a href=""> this photo of Rihanna grabbing her ass</a> making the rounds on the web of yesterday and today.


Michael Jackson Never Sang on ‘The Simpsons’

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Michael Jackson famously lent his voice to the 1991 "Simpsons" episode "Stark Raving Dad," playing a mental patient who believes he's Michael Jackson.

Michael Jackson, Elizabeth Taylor And Marlon Brando Fled NYC Together on 9/11


I can't think of a better way to close out the day than with <a href="">this ridiculous and amazing story</a> from the Daily Mail about Michael Jackson, Liz Taylor and Marlon Brando all fleeing New York together in a car on 9/11.


YES: Transformers Dance to ‘Thriller’

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I don't know who made this, and I don't know why it exists, but the Internet is richer for the video below: it's a faithful adaptation of Michael Jackson's "Thriller" -- except the dancing zombies are Autobots (with Hot Rod standing in for MJ).


Finally, A Michael Jackson MMO

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Here's a perfectly normal English sentence: There will be a Michael Jackson MMO called Planet Michael.


Michael Jackson used to prank call Russell Crowe

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I'm not even getting cute with that headline, that's the actual story.

Captain EO


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The Michael Jackson 3D epic Captain EO had it's first reopened showing to the public at Disneyland this week, and if you were afraid that comic fans were the only ones to dress up in costume and make regular people feel uncomfortable, you can rest easy.

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Continuing the trend of canonizing Michael Jackson and completely forgetting the stuff that made him the butt of every late night show right until he died, Disneyland will be bringing back Jackson's Captain EO 3D movie for a limited run starting in February.

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