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Nicolas Cage Has Joined The Cast Of Oliver Stone’s New Edward Snowden Movie

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It’s been a while since Nicolas Cage last made a big splash in a notable film, but it seems that’s going to be changing thanks to Oliver Stone’s new movie, Snowden, a new biopic about the now infamous whistleblower that’s gaining traction following the Oscar win of Citzenfour.


The World’s Greatest Hotel Concierge Surprised A Guest With Nic Cage Pictures

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Per her request, a very wonderful San Antonio concierge left pictures of Nicolas Cage in a woman's hotel room.


Nicolas Cage Will Star In Larry Charles’ Comedy About Hunting Osama Bin Laden

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Nicolas Cage will play a "normal guy" who hunts for Bin Laden in Pakistan by his lonesome, obviously.


Jimmy Kimmel Honored Nicolas Cage’s Birthday In Appropriately Weird Fashion


Nicolas Cage's birthday was yesterday so Jimmy Kimmel had a young boy give a spot on impersonation of the actor.


Celebrate Nicolas Cage’s 51st Birthday With A Ranking Of His Best Movie Hairstyles

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As Nic Cage celebrates his 51st birthday today, we pay tribute to the best hairstyles from his best (and worst) movies.


Amazingly, Everything Wrong With ‘Ghost Rider’ Fits Into 17 Minutes

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'Ghost Rider' has a lot of problems, as the 'Everything Wrong With' series gleefully shows us.

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How Nic Cage’s Decision To Become A Comedy Leading Man Saved — And Almost Ruined — His Career

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Nic Cage's career has been divided into parts, but his stint as a romantic comedy leading man is one that doesn't get enough attention.


The Fact And Fiction Of ‘National Treasure’ On The 10th Anniversary Of Its Release

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Ten years ago today, 'National Treasure' hit theaters and Nic Cage took us on a wild ride to find the treasure of the Freemasons.


All Cars Should Come Equipped With This Amazing Waving Nicolas Cage Decal

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The automobile industry should be focused on adding a Waving Nicolas Cage Decal to the windows of every vehicle in America.


The Dark Lord Himself Is Now Endorsing Nic Cage’s Kirk Cameron Remake

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The newest promotional still for the 'Left Behind' remake features a zany quote from Satan.


Nic Cage’s Accent In The ‘Outcast’ Trailer Is One For The Ages

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Hayden Christensen and Nic Cage star as disgraced knights of the Crusade fighting an evil Chinese emperor with swords and bad accents.


Watch Nicolas Cage Not Get Raptured In The Official Trailer For ‘Left Behind’

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Have you been watching HBO's 'The Leftovers?' Well, don't. Stop wasting your time and watch this trailer instead.

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Sean Bean’s Boozy Nic Cage Story Could Be A ‘Game Of Thrones’ Plot

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During Sean Bean's Reddit AMA, he shared an amazing Nic Cage story.


Check Out The Trailer For The Documentary About The Failure Of Nic Cage’s Superman

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The documentary 'The Death of Superman Lives: What Happened?' tries to figure out what went wrong with Tim Burton's take on Superman.


Here’s The Craziest, Most Thorough Nicolas Cage Prank Ever Pulled

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An Australian man thoroughly Cage'd his brother's house, sticking 3,200 images of Nic Cage's face on every available surface.


This Supercut Of Every Nicolas Cage Laugh Is A Psychotic Masterpiece

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All of Nicolas Cage's movie laughs, together in one perfectly disturbing supercut.

Talk Show Entrances

Here’s Nic Cage Being Nic Cage With The Greatest Talk Show Entrance Of All Time

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This classic Nicolas Cage clip shows that the man has a true knack for entrances.

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