Playboy Tre

Playboy Tre Feat. Half Of Atlanta – “Shot Of Rum” Video


Playboy Tre's Liquor Store Mascot II is one of the stronger projects of the year in my books and fittingly "Shot of Rum" is one of the stronger records from the project.

Playboy Tre

Playboy Tre Feat. P. Dukes, Bobby Creekwater, Jarren Benton, Homebwoi & Bohagon – “Shot Of Rum”


After delivering the more sincere "Care After Me" yesterday, Playboy brings it back to a lot of lyricism, a lot of similes and a lot of drunk desperadoes as Dukes, Bobby Creekwater, Jarren Benton, Homebwoi and Bohagon join the festivities for a "Shot Of Rum.

Tuki Carter

Loosies: New Music From Playboy Tre, Trouble, Dee Goodz, Scotty, Aleon Craft & More

In its essence, we have all Georgia everything for today's roundup.


TrakkSounds Feat. Pill, I-20 & Killa Kyleon – “King Hustler” x Intervention Mixtape

Making a song is so much easier when you relate to the subject matter and can dive all in.

Southside State Of Mind

P. Dukes – “Pass Out”

Leading into his Southside State Of Mind mixtape, P. Dukes drops "Pass Out," a track dedicated to loud weed, nights of heavy liquor along with other associated forms of gluttony.

Summer Dreams

Scotty & DJ Burn One – Summer Dreams Mixtape


Being in good company can open doors that otherwise probably would have never been.

Ricky Fontaine

P. Dukes Feat. Ricky Fontaine – “Save Me A Prayer” Video


"I'm hoping that I can get it right and change it all, Before Judgment Day arrives and my name is called.

P. Dukes

P. Dukes & DJ Scream – Easy Money 3 Mixtape


I've been going to the mountaintop for P. Dukes and his music for a while now but all I hear is echoes as I yell.

Spike Speilberg Productions

P. Dukes – “Celebrations And Tribulations” Video


First leak from the GA homie P. Dukes' upcoming release Easy Money 3: Celebrations and Tribulations.

P. Dukes

P. Dukes – “Problematic”

New Dukes on deck as he's set to release the Celebrations & Tribulations mixtape, hosted by DJ Scream and set to drop later this month.

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