Here’s The Trailer For That Paddington Bear Movie Colin Firth Dropped Out Of

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James Bond's Q voices the world's most British Peruvian talking bear.


Colin Firth Has Dropped Out As Paddington Bear In The Middle Of Post-Production

By | 40 Comments

Colin Firth has dropped out as the voice of Paddington Bear just six months before it's scheduled to be released.


The First Image Of The Paddington Bear Movie Has Inspired A Delightful Horror Meme

By | 28 Comments

People thought that the live action version of Paddington Bear looked like a serial killer, so it inspired the 'Creepy Paddington' meme.


This Week in Posters & Stills: Old Pictures of Channing Tatum Stripping

By | 26 Comments

In honor of Magic Mike opening today, I'm leading off This Week in Posters and Stills with an old picture of Channing Tatum hard at work.

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