Here Are Your GIFs From That Last Scene Of The ‘Parks And Recreation’ Season Finale

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So remember how Amy Poehler said that the end of the Parks season finale was gonna have an exciting last moment? Well it happened!


Treat Yo’ Self To The 15 Best GIFs From ‘Parks And Recreation’ Season 6

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The best that Ron, April, and Andy had to offer during "Parks and Recreation" season 6.


Paul Schneider Discusses Why He Won’t Return To ‘Parks And Recreation’ And Why He Gives Zero F*cks

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Paul Schneider, who used to play Mark Brendanawicz on 'Parks and Recreation,' has zero interest in returning to the show.

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Nick Offerman And Megan Mullally Are Even Adorable When Talking About Gas

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Everyone's favorite married actors, Nick Offerman and Megan Mullally, can even make a conversation about farts seem like true love.


Amy Poehler: Stay Tuned For A ‘Very Exciting Last Moment’ In The ‘Parks & Rec’ Season Finale

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"Parks & Rec" star Amy Poehler says this week's season finale will go out with a bang.


Do You Remember Rob Lowe’s Chris Traeger Moment In ‘Wayne’s World’?

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Being reminded that Rob Lowe goes full Chris Traeger in a Wayne's World scene is probably the most important thing that will happen today.

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For Your Enjoyment, Here Is The Best Of Nick Offerman’s New Reddit AMA

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Nick Offerman has done another Reddit AMA, just in time to see us out the weekend. You're welcome!


Every Indie Rock Band Ever (And Ginuwine!) Will Be In ‘Parks And Rec’s Festival Episode

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The Unity Festival episode of "Parks and Recreation" is every Pitchfork playlist.


Josh Charles Called A Devastated Retta From 'Parks And Rec' To Console Her After 'The Good Wife'

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After the shocking event in this last week's episode of 'The Good Wife,' at least Retta had the perfect person to comfort her.

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Aubrey Plaza Joyously Licks Her Ring Pop In The Most Disturbing '80s-Style Candy Commercial Ever

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It's a lollipop without a stick! A burst of flavor you can lick! What's not to love? PLENTY.


Television’s 20 Longest-Running Midseason Replacements Of All Time

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Midseason replacements are not performing well for the networks in 2014, but that hasn't always been the case.

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