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Walmart Dropped Paula Deen And Customers Are Furious Over It

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Paula Deen's fans took to Walmart's Facebook page with furious complaints after news broke that the retailer had dropped the embattled celebrity cook.


Paula Deen’s Brother Says Her Restaurants Are Doing Better Than Ever

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As Paula Deen's fans threaten to boycott the Food Network, her brother told TMZ that her restaurants are "slammed" and business is stronger than ever.

Taiwanese Animation Explains How Paula Deen Melted Down Like Butter In A Hot Frying Pan

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The Paula Deen clusterf*ck finally makes sense, now that she's gotten the Taiwanese animation treatment.


Bill Maher Sort Of Defended Paula Deen On 'Real Time'

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Bill Maher: the only guy defending Paula Deen since 2013.


Food Network Won't Renew Paula Deen's Contract

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Food Network just released a statement saying it will not renew Paula Deen's contract at the end of the month.


Here's Paula Deen's Buttery Apology Video (Updated)

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It takes less than a minute for Paula Deen to apologize for being a terrible person.

pastry fellating

Paula Deen Was Held In Contempt For Refusing To Release A Video In Which She Fellates A Chocolate Éclair

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RadarOnline is reporting that Paula Deen was held in contempt for refusing to turn over a video containing "obscene and vulgar video outtakes."

fried and prejudice

The 'Daily Show' Offers A Cure For Paula Deen's Racism: A 'N*ggerette' Patch

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Last night -- in a segment perfectly titled, "Fried and Prejudice" -- the Daily Show deftly and hilariously tackled the Paula Deen racism controversy.


Paula Deen Enterprises Says Paula Deen Used The N-Word Because 'She Was Born 60 Years Ago'

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In a statement released by her company, Paula Deen says she used the N-word because she's from the South and she was "born 60 years ago."


The Paula Deen Blooper Reel Is A Thing Of Hideous Beauty, Involves Deep Throating An Eclair

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Blooper reel footage of Paula Deen leaked onto the Internet, and it involves swearing, deep-throating an eclair, and terrible food.

paula deen

Shia LaBeouf is a Cannibal & Morning Links

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[via icanhascheezburger] MORNING LINKS This Week in Posters: Charlize’s Sassy Gay Crow, Kevin Spacey is a Chinese Superhero |Film Drunk| Nick Offerman Shares His 10 Secrets To Life At Tulane |UPROXX| Happy 40th Birthday, Dwayne: 40 Great Moments Of The Rock |With Leather| How 16 [...].


The 10 Most Subtly Creepy One Tiny Handed Celebrities

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One day I'm going to do a hard-hitting web journalism series where I catch up with the creators of single-serving Tumblrs and get the true story behind their inspiration.

paula deen

HEADLINE OF THE YEAR: 'Truck Fire Burns More Than Ton Of Butter On Ky. Interstate'




Many Of Your Favorite Celebrities Have Been 'Cholafied'

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I was out in Arizona recently, visiting my good buddy, stand-up comic and <a href="!/PaulyPeligroso">Twitter god Pauly Casillas</a>, and he took me to a very popular Mexican restaurant in Tucson.


Not Roseanne! TV Personalities People Are Hoping Will Die in 2012

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This past weekend, Dick Tufeld, who provided the voice of the robot on “Lost in Space,” passed away at the age of 85.


TV News Roundup

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There are a few news items and updates floating around right now that don't really require a full post, so I'm going to knock them out here real quick-like.

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